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Unison Soft Pastel 72-color Starter Set

Item No: 436 060 001 Mfr# 740310
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Product Description

Unison Soft Pastel 72-color Starter Set

Developed and handmade in England by artist John Hersey, Unison pastels are simply beautiful. They combine rich pigmentation and excellent handling qualities with an entirely new approach to light. Unison Colour Pastels are made with mixtures of pure pigments containing as little white or black as possible. The result is a unique clarity of color. The pigments are mixed by hand in large mortars. The binder, in most cases, is simply water, with a minimum of gums added when necessary. The pastels are then hand-rolled, in batches of one to two hundred sticks at a time, and air-dried. Unison pastel sticks measure 2" x 1/2", shorter and thicker than most, with a softer, smoother texture. They glide on the paper and are not crumbly or brittle.

Colors included:

Red 7 , Red 8, Red 9, Red 10, Red 11, Red 12, Red 13, Red 14, Red 15, Red 16, Red 17, Red 18, Red Earth 7, Red Earth 8, Red Earth 9, Red Earth 10, Red Earth 11, Red Earth 12, Yellow Gold 1, Yellow Gold 7, Yellow Gold 8, Yellow Gold 9, Yellow Gold 10, Yellow Gold 11, Yellow Gold 12, Brown Earth 25, Brown Earth 26, Brown Earth 27, Brown Earth 28, Brown Earth 29, Brown Earth 30, Green 1, Green 7, Green 8, Green 9, Green 11, Green 12, Ylw–Grn Earth 7, Ylw–Grn Earth 8, Ylw–Grn Earth 8, Ylw–Grn Earth 11, Ylw–Grn Earth 12, Bl–Grn Earth 7, Bl–Grn Earth 8, Bl–Grn Earth 8, Bl–Grn Earth 11, Bl–Grn Earth 12, Blue Green 6, Blue Green 7, Blue Green 8, Blue Green 9, Blue Green 11, Blue Green 12, Blue Violet 7, Blue Violet 8, Blue Violet 9, Blue Violet 10, Blue Violet 11, Blue Violet 12, Grey 28, Grey 30, Grey 32, Grey 34, Grey 35, Grey 36, Additional 43, Additional 49, Additional 50, Additional 51, Additional 52, Additional 53, Additional 54

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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