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Enkaustikos Anodized Aluminum Plate

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Product Description

Enkaustikos Anodized Aluminum Plate

Explore the possibilities of encaustic printmaking techniques!
Explore the versatility of encaustic paints with printmaking. Turn any hot palette into a printing plate .Simply begin by heating this anodized aluminum plate on any pancake griddle to 150° - 160° F. Using Enkaustikos paints, create your design on the heated printing plate. The paint will melt and glide with ease across the heated surface, then lift the paint off the plate with any suitable printmaking paper. Mono prints and multilayer lifts are easy to achieve. The anodized plate is perfect for color mixing and is easy to clean.

These affordable plates from Enkaustikos allow you to convert any pancake griddle into a printing plate. Enkaustikos aluminum panels have a clear anodized coating to eliminate color reaction to the aluminum surface. When using Hot Sticks against the plate you will find that they melt with ease and the plates can even serve as a nice color mixing palette.
Remove the protective film before use.

Encaustic Printmaking With An Anodized Aluminum Plate
Many artists are using our Enkaustikos Anodized Aluminum Plates and Hot Sticks for unique monoprints. Place an anodized aluminum printing plate on your hot palette - of course, be sure to have already removed the protective film. Use your Hot Sticks to draw or paint your image directly on the heated anodized aluminum plate. Setting the hot palette between 150 to 160 degrees F will help maintain the image you create with cleaner edges and still be hot enough to heat your anodized plate.

When your image is ready, lay a sheet of printmaking paper over the painted surface and with a barren apply gentle pressure to transfer the painted image to the paper. Some papers will be more absorbent than others and will yield different effects. The more absorbent papers are well suited to take multiple lifts for more complex printmaking. Carefully lift the paper to reveal your one of a kind encaustic print!

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