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HOT STICKS Cobalt Green Light

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Product Description

HOT STICKS Cobalt Green Light

Hot Sticks Encaustic Wax Paint features the same professional artist quality colors you find in the Hot Cakes and Wax Snaps line in a 13 ml artist friendly stick. Hot Sticks are available in all 88 colors (75 of which are single pigment paints) plus Wax Medium and XD Wax Medium. These artist-quality colors are made from the most beautiful pigments, the finest Damar Resin, and United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Beeswax. These paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants, whatsoever. Our paints are milled on state-of-the-art equipment producing a paint that is rich, creamy, and vibrant. Made in the USA.

The Hot Stick design is very versatile - use Hot Sticks for encaustic painting, printmaking, rubbings, and a multitude of mixed media techniques. Hot Sticks can be melted directly on your hot palette to create a puddle of color for your brush or can be applied directly onto a heated substrate. Melt as little or as much encaustic paint as you want! When applied to a heated substrate, Hot Sticks melt instantly allowing you to explore direct painting and drawing techniques. Hot Sticks fit comfortably in your hand. Touching the tip or corner of the Hot Sticks to your heated substrate will give you finer details, or swipe the Hot Sticks on it's side to make bold strokes of color.

You can color mix using your Hot Stick colors directly on your painting, your hot palette or melt them together in a large tin to create custom mixes. Not sure about a color, Hot Sticks are a great way to try a color you aren’t familiar with. Hot Sticks are also ideal for small projects, for the classroom and workshops.

Crystal Webb from Bellevue, WA USA
Overall Experience
Highly recommend these paint sticks
How would you describe the quality of this product?
These paint sticks are really well pigmented, and are suitable for for non-brush techniques
What project did you use this product for?
I've used the Hot Sticks on several projects using both a hot stylus and mono printing.
Was this product true to its value?
Overall Experience
What was your overall experience with this product?
I'm pleased with the results. Great color, great coverage
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