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DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Iridescent Gem 7 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Iridescent Gem 7 Tube Set

Luminescent Acrylics bring sparkle and metallic effects to your palette.

They're made from mica pigment, thin transparent particles coated with highly reflective metal oxides. Iridescent colors reflect light and their semi-transparent quality adds a fascinating sense of depth to your work. This set features a dazzling selection of jewel colors to highlight artwork. They are exquisite used on their own, or mix them with standard colors to create intriguing effects of light and depth. From rich, warm Aztec Gold to icy, glowing Electric Blue, these iridescent hues add fun and excitement to your painting experience.

Set contains the following 60ml tubes (shown left to right, top to bottom):
  • Iridescent Amethyst - A twinkling, radiant lavender.
  • Iridescent Aztec Gold - A deep shine without the bright, brassy quality found in some metallic gold pigments. 
  • Iridescent Electric Blue - Our most bright, vibrant Luminescent—it is the color of sun striking the blue tones of peacock feathers.
  • Iridescent Garnet - A rose colored metallic that creates a dynamic pink sparkle even in light applications.
  • Iridescent Goldstone - A rich gold with a slight reddish undertone.
  • Iridescent Moonstone - Shines in shades of white and deep silver—a perfect choice for fish scales or moonlit water.
  • Iridescent Topaz - A pale yellow-gold with just the slightest hint of a green undertone.~

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