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DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Duochrome Exotic 5 Tube Set


The shape-shifting genies of our Ultimate Acrylic line, Duochromes are true special effects paints with exhilarating optical impact.

Depending on how the light strikes them, they shimmer with two different colors. Abstract, surreal, their uses are limited only by your imagination. And like all our Ultimate Acrylics, they are lush, thick, and rich with pigment.

Duochrome Exotic Set

The set contains five 60ml tubes:

  • Duochrome Mauve - Shifts from a delicate pinkish-purple to a brilliant sparkling sapphire.
  • Duochrome Blue Silver - Alternates between an icy metallic blue and a sparkling steel tone.
  • Duochrome Oceanic - Shifts between a subtle green gold and a brilliant metallic gold sparkle.
  • Duochrome Hibiscus - Shifts between red-violet and a shimmering iridescent blue-violet.
  • Duochrome Aquamarine - Shifts between a soft blue-green and a shimmering iridescent blue.
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