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DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic 8 Tube Mixing Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic 8 Tube Mixing Set

Paint as Good as You can Imagine. Daniel Smith Ultimate Acrylics are made with the same professional pigment load, innovative colors, lightfastness standards and permanence as our oils and watercolors.

Colors included:
  • Titanium White - The standard white in most artists' palettes. Made with titanium dioxide, a metallic pigment, it is more opaque than Zinc White. It's a great mixer that maintains its integrity over time. 
  • Hansa Yellow Medium - A brilliant primary yellow. It's a modern synthetic organic color, which means it was created in a laboratory. Lightfast and strong (a tiny bit will tint a lot of white), it is fairly transparent. 
  • Permanent Red - Another modern pigment. It offers a bright, warm "true red" color that produces clean mixtures. It tints strongly and makes a beautiful coral pink when mixed with white. 
  • Quinacridone Magenta - Part of a remarkable family of colors. The Quinacridones are modern synthetic organic pigments that are surprisingly transparent and great for mixing and glazing. 
  • Phthalo Blue (GS) - A synthetic organic color, has become a standard in the decades since it was introduced. A primary blue, it is incredibly strong and intense, wonderful for glazing.
  • Phthalo Green (BS) - A distinctive color that glazes and mixes well. It is a cool, emerald green, so strongly pigmented that it appears almost black when squeezed from the tube.
  • Yellow Ochre - An inorganic pigment colored by iron oxides, was used by the cavemen. It is a rich, earthy golden yellow. Like all earth colors, it is lightfast and opaque, but not particularly strong. 
  • Mars Black - A rich opaque black made with iron pigment. It makes clean tints without causing colors to take on either a warm or a cool cast.

Be sure to check out our "The Study of Color" article for everything you need to know about color theory

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