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DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic Starter 8 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic Starter 8 Tube Set
This colors in this acrylic starter set have been chosen by the acrylic painters on our sales staff, this set lets you try a basic working palette of colors at a great introductory price. You get full-size 60ml (2oz) tubes of seven traditional colors and an exciting shimmering neutral that's great for mixing.

This set contains the following 60mll tubes:

  • Burnt Umber - One of the deepest browns available. Its masstone is nearly black making it an excellent color choice for the darkest areas of your paintings. Burnt Umber displays a bit of warmth in mixtures due to its slight reddish cast. Use this popular and reliable color with Titanium White to create a full range of earthy brown tones.
  • French Ultramarine - A saturated and vibrant blue with a violet undertone. Compared with Ultramarine Blue, this paint has slightly more red and is darker in masstone and tints. Use this color as a base for mixing rich violets (try adding a mid-range red) or make deep indigo blue by adding a dark brown.
  • Hansa Yellow Medium - A rich and sunny shade. This saturated color warms up mixtures and brings a brilliant burst of color to your painting in masstone. This mid-range yellow is an excellent choice for a primary yellow on a mixing palette.
  • Phthalo Green (BS) - A remarkably saturated acrylic with a high tinting strength. The (BS) stands for “Blue Shade” and true to its name this shade of green is close to turquoise on the color spectrum. In masstone this pigment is nearly black and tints with white reveal both the high intensity and slight blue tone of this paint. Use this color as a base for cooler green mixtures and thin with medium for transparent glazes.
  • Quinacridone Red - A powerful, saturated shade that is among the most versatile reds available. Quinacridone pigments are celebrated for their gem-like transparency and radiance in tints. Add white to Quinacridone Red for a strong, light-filled red; add even more white to produce a full spectrum of mid-range pinks. Mix with gloss medium for a saturated glaze that will build color intensity while maintaining glowing transparency.
  • Titanium White - Often considered the standard white for painters, it's a must-have on any palette. Use this strong, opaque white to tint the paints on your palette—adding Titanium white instantly lightens and brightens your colors. Titanium White is the whitest, brightest and most neutral color available. You will be able to achieve a full range of tonal values by mixing with this popular acrylic paint.
  • Yellow Ochre - A warm tan earth tone that has remained popular from prehistoric to modern times. This pigment is derived from natural clay sources and is milled to produce a smooth and even consistency in acrylic. Tinted with white, Yellow Ochre creates rich and creamy beige that can be further lightened to a warm ivory.  
  • Iridescent Moonstone - It shines in shades of white and deep silver—a perfect choice for fish scales or moonlit water.

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