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DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Iridescent Metallic 4 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Iridescent Metallic 4 Tube Set

Our four Luminescent Acrylic Sets are convenient, economical ways to try these fascinating colors.

Luminescent Acrylics bring sparkle and metallic effects to your palette. They're made from mica pigment, thin transparent particles coated with highly reflective metal oxides. Iridescent colors reflect light and their semi-transparent quality adds a fascinating sense of depth to your work. These Iridescents, more opaque, have a subtle metallic appearance.

This set contains the following 4 60ml tubes:

  • Iridescent Bronze - A vibrant shine and a warm bronze tone.
  • Iridescent Copper - The bright and reflective color of a newly minted penny.
  • Iridescent Gold - The quintessential gold shade – bright, shiny and regal. 
  • Iridescent Russet - A highly saturated burnt bronze this is the reddest of all the luminescent acrylics. 

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