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DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Floral Set


Capture all the wonderful colors of the garden with this versatile and fun set!

  • Rhodonite Genuine - made from jewelry-quality stone, this versatile rose pink creates a soft, transparent glow, without granulation.
  • Serpentine Genuine - develops granulating with specks of burnt scarlet.
  • Quinophthalone Yellow - because it’s low staining, you can pull the color back to almost paper white.
  • Quinacridone Purple - a rich, powerful and juicy purple with a slight reddish cast that mixes beautifully.
  • Shadow Violet - it's ideal, of course, for conveying the subtleties of shadows.
  • Spring Green - a punchy semi-transparent that readily mixes for a variety of landscape greens.
  • Quinacridone Sienna - the ultimate low-staining glazing pigment, certainly finer than any Burnt Sienna.
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson - try a rich and bold application or a blush of crimson color in a light wash.
  • Mayan Red - fascinating and distinctive, producing a range of color that is truly remarkable.
  • Isoindoline Yellow - so saturated that it is nearly orange at full strength!
  • DANIEL SMITH Series 75 Bright #8 Brush
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