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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Low Tide'


Baubles and bubbles stir up imagination among the flotsam found at low tide. Trinkets and forgotten floats mingle with weathered driftwood and sand dollar tokens as a treasure hunt ensures along the shore. Beach grasses sway and the entire landscape glows with a sandy dusting of salt and surf. Bring the magic of the ocean’s shore to your palette with Daniel Smith's Low Tide Triad.

Hematite Genuine gives a beautiful base of texture and earthy tone to the shoreline study. Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is the gem of the collection for nuanced shades of beach-glass and ocean waves. Yellow Iron Oxide adds a touch of warmth for golden sand and green grasses. Paint a serious seascape or try a still-life of nautical treasures with the Low Tide Triad.


Hematite Genuine, a PrimaTek pigment, is the natural choice for interesting and dramatic texture. Weathered driftwood, rugged rocks and all manner of ocean finds are perfect subjects for this granulating mineral watercolor. At full strength Hematite Genuine is a powerful dark brown. Add water for washes of color that granulate into unique passages of gray, brown and black.


Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, another PrimaTek Pigment, is an ethereal blue-green perfect for capturing the unique beauty of sea-glass and old fishing floats. Stretch a wash of turquoise across the horizon for a brilliant sky with interesting granulation and tone. In the sea, let the pigment travel in wet-into-wet applications for swirling eddies and dramatic waves.


Yellow Iron Oxide is a warm, sandy watercolor that does double duty in this triad as a mixing color to create a coastal green. Add to Sleeping Beauty Turquoise for a neutralized green shade that perfectly paints the long tufts of grass along the shore. Dapple your study with warm passages and sunny spotlights with glazes of Yellow Iron Oxide to bring a golden glow to your work.

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