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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Reflections'


A lovely landscape meets its double along the shores of calm waters. Nothing is quite as picturesque as trees, mountains and sky casting a mirror image into a lake or still stream. Paint a balance of realistic elements with an impressionistic reflection for an unforgettable watercolor experience. Daniel Smith’s Reflections Triad is a palette of color that renders the wilderness and gives mystery to soft reflections.

Try three colors with rugged texture and natural tones. Blue Apatite Genuine is a shadowy blue-gray perfect for skies, mountain peaks and deep blue waters. Transparent Brown Oxide is a rich mid-tone brown that is clean in mixtures and glazes. Deep Sap Green ties the trio together with a rich verdant tone for foliage.


Blue Apatite Genuine, a PrimaTek pigment, embodies the richness of its namesake mineral. At full strength, use this deep midnight blue for shadows. Add water for a wash that granulates beautifully into the texture of your page. This natural shade is the perfect choice for a fall or winter stream. Use it in mixtures to add granulation and create neutral colors.


Transparent Brown Oxide is a versatile brown, rich in color with a glowing transparency. Try this earthy shade for tree trunks and branches in your reflections painting. Landscapes benefit from its consistent color and clean mixing properties. Subtle granulation lends a natural look in washes. Try a light application of this color as a glaze to add an antiqued glow to your watercolor works.


Deep Sap Green is a pre-mixed shade popular for its bold and showy deep green tone. This stunning watercolor gives smooth, flawless washes without granulation. Transparency gives your work a jewel-like quality that is balanced by the richness and saturation of color. Dark evergreens and late summer leaves are the perfect subject matter to explore the varied shades this strong watercolor has to offer.

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