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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor PrimaTek 'Nature's Best' 9 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor PrimaTek 'Nature's Best' 9 Tube Set

Certain colors have captured the imagination of artists for hundreds or even thousands of years. Our exclusive PrimaTek® colors are made with pigments mined directly from the earth. Their diversity is amazing. Our PrimaTek Best of Nature Set has nine outstanding colors from the far corners of the earth-destined for the tip of your brush, and the edges of your paper.

The set includes 15ml tubes of the following colors:

  • Mummy Bauxite - A warm cinnamon color that granulates to resemble rusted iron, Mummy Bauxite combines powerful color with visual texture. Mummy was a very popular organic pigment in the 18th and 19th centuries, rumored to have been made from ground Egyptian mummies. The mineral's name comes from Les Beaux in southern France, where it was first identified in the 19th century. Unlike the old world color, DANIEL SMITH'S Mummy Bauxite is extremely lightfast, semi-transparent and low-staining. You get the tonal warmth and depth of traditional Mummy with the modern assurance that the color is strong, stable and consistent.
  • Red Fuchsite - The mountains of Brazil yield a beloved and treasured gemstone. Paint this soft, reddish dusky rose and watch as the mineral iridescent sheen rises to the surface of your brushstroke. This color gives new definition to skies, botanicals and reflections.
  • Serpentine - An unusually beautiful Serpentine pigment from the land down under. This Australian green-color serpentine is of a variety called Stichtite. A soft stone used cross-culturally for carving amulets used to ward off harm, this pigment has no comparison in any known paint palette. This surprising semi-transparent paint is a good green that develops granulating with specks of burnt scarlet. A great addition to your landscape and floral palette.
  • Bloodstone Genuine - Bloodstone is legendary for its mystical, magical and medicinal properties. Sacred to Christians, who believed the dark red drops in this green jasper represent the blood of Christ. Its intense and velvety aubergine mass tone develops into a warm gray wash that lifts beautifully and provides immediate gratification when it comes to granulation, be it on hot or cold pressed paper. Bloodstone mixes very well with each of our more than 200 watercolors and is especially wonderful with transparent Rhodonite Genuine and Quinacridone Burnt Orange.
  • Jadeite Genuine - This exceptionally color is made from the more strongly colored of the two minerals known as jade, the other is Nephrite. Used for eons in China and Central America, this gemstone now becomes a spectacular artist's color. Its luster is vitreous. From deep, dark-green mass tone to the palest wash, it creates all the exquisite shades we think of when we think of jade.
  • Blue Apatite Genuine - Gorgeous in color, Blue Apatite is a striking mineral that is rarely used in jewelry due to its relative softness. As an artist's pigment, though, it's fantastic - a dense, rich midnight blue that granulates magnificently on cold- or hot-press papers. Within a wash, nuances of color are revealed, from inky near-black to rich Prussian-like blue. Create a stormy sky in one juicy stroke!
  • Green Apatite Genuine - This shade lets you create a beautiful range of greens...fresh yellow green to deep olive green with a single tube. This sedimentary color is a dark, almost brown, olive green in mass tone. In washes, the brown settles out of a vivid natural green, creating memorable texture and contrast.
  • Bronzite Genuine - A warm honey-bronze color with lustrous sparkle provided by very fine films of iron oxide. The fibrous, fairly fragile Bronzite stone from Brazil is occasionally used in jewelry but excels as a watercolor pigment. It's a warm golden-brown in masstone - somewhere between ochre and sienna, but distinctly different - that lets down into pale washes of soft, always warm, sandy beige. In a wash on cold press or rough paper, the brown settles out of this intriguing special-effect color.
  • Sugilite Genuine - A beautiful granulating pigment from South Africa, first found in 1944 and named for its Japanese discoverer, the rare opaque mineral ranges from grayish lavendar to pink to deep purple. As a watercolor pigment, it combines subtle fuchsia pink and warm gray in a single strongly textural color. In a wash, the gray settles with a slight graphite-like sheen, while the pink rises to resemble the color in an overcast dawn sky. It's a great complement to golds, oranges and greens, including Quinacridone Gold and Sap Green.
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