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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Jan Hart's Amazing Mixes II 6 Tube Set


Ultramarine Turquoise is a favorite convenience mix of Ultramarine Blue and Phthalo Green--and a terrific paint added to siennas for dark, realistic landscape greens.
Zoisite Genuine, a gray-green PrimaTek® color, will add reticulated granulation to any paint it is added to even Opera Pink!
Opera Pink is Daniel Smith's cool "hot pink," a wonderful mixer with orange and lavender!
If you haven't already discovered the joy of adding Nickel Azo Yellow to any wet passage on your paper, try it! Nickel Azo Yellow shoots and livens any part of your landscape that is on the verge or boredom.
Transparent Pyrrol Orange, strong and translucent, mixes with French Ultramarine Blue, the eternal standard warmest blue, to create rich dark neutral.
For some real painting excitement, add Nickel Azo Yellow directly to Opera Pink on the paper and stand back!
Included Colors:
  • Ultramarine Turquoise - Semi-transparent Ultramarine Turquoise is the granular, low-staining "cousin" of Phthalo Turquoise. Use it when less stain and more granulation is desired, and consider it for an interesting, non-traditional glaze.
  • Transparent Pyrrol Orange - This clear, dark, red-leaning orange thins into perfectly smooth washes. The color is vivid and warm, lovely used on its own, and great in mixes. Try it with granulating greens or blues to create exquisite earth colors and shadow-grays that are both textural and warm.
  • French Ultramarine Blue - This medium-to-dark warm reddish-blue is highly lightfast and of medium tinting strength. Its sedimentary quality increases its versatility. Mixed with various portions of other blues, French Ultramarine is a wonderful sky pigment. Modify it with Quinacridone Gold for delightful greens that remain color-coordinated. Mix French Ultramarine with Quinacridone Burnt Orange and be rewarded with an amazing range of blue to brown grays. Mixed with either Quinacridone Rose or Pink, a range of purples result. For another important mix, see Hooker's and Sap Green.
  • Nickel Azo Yellow- Use this color where transparency and staining ability are desired. Try it along with or in place of Nickel Titanate Yellow and Naples Yellow.
  • Zoisite Genuine - You must try Zoisite to appreciate its unique color and characteristics. Zoisite, a mineral from Austria discovered in 1804, is a lush primal green with a dark - almost black - bottle green granulating surface. With minimal paint to water, the effect is a gray-green with a micro-dotted surface. With maximum paint to water, the surface fractures to a faux leather look with a distinct three-dimensional effect. Play with the ratios and be fascinated by the amount of interest Zoisite can add to your painting.
  • Opera Pink - The most vivid of all pinks, has long been requested by DANIEL SMITH customers. A primary magenta with a hint of fluorescent pink granulation producing some of the most brilliant glowing mixes you have ever seen. Try mixing Opera Pink with our New Gamboge for fiery oranges or with an Indanthrone Blue for stunning violets and glowing purples.
Please see our article,"The Study of Color", for a great source of information on color theory.
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