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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Susie Short Artist Series/Essential 8 Tube Set

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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Susie Short Artist Series/Essential 8 Tube Set

"Color sets a mood and gives an artist unlimited means of expression. Color can be magical. Where composition and technique connects with our intellect, color touches our heart. It's been said that color is the heart and soul of watercolor. Is studying and understanding basic color theory instead of simply relying on color formulas worth the effort? Each of you will have to answer that question for yourselves." --Susie Short

With Susie's set and her Inksmith article, "Some Thoughts On Color", you will learn about color relationships and open the door to greater freedom of expression.

The set includes 15ml tubes of the following colors:

  • Neutral Tint - Create Rich Darks and Neutrals with this fabulous and unique, dark neutral pigment that when mixed with any watercolor pigment produces glowing, darker values of that color.
  • Hansa Yellow Medium - A high-tinting, semi-transparent organic pigment. Considered the 'perfect yellow', Hansa Yellow Medium offers more control when mixing. Painters admire the purity of this primary pigment and adjust its temperature while avoiding a gray from a hidden complement. Think of a yellow pepper.
  • Quinacridone Rose - A red-violet color that lends itself to fabulous purples. Try with Indigo for deep dusty purples, or Indanthrone Blue for rich, clear purples. Quinacridone Rose can be mixed with Quinacridone Sienna or Burnt Orange in dilute wash states to create fleshtones or convincing sunsets.
  • French Ultramarine Blue - This medium-to-dark warm reddish-blue is highly lightfast and of medium tinting strength. Its sedimentary quality increases its versatility. Mixed with various portions of other blues, French Ultramarine is a wonderful sky pigment. Modify it with Quinacridone Gold for delightful greens that remain color-coordinated. Mix French Ultramarine with Quinacridone Burnt Orange and be rewarded with an amazing range of blue to brown grays. Mixed with either Quinacridone Rose or Pink, a range of purples result. For another important mix, see Hooker's and Sap Green.
  • New Gamboge - Unlike other brands, Daniel Smith New Gamboge is an excellent lightfast formulation. It's a transparent organic pigment from the yellow to orange zone of your color wheel. More staining than Yellow Ochre and equal in tinting ability to Raw Sienna. It's a good substitute for those colors when transparency is desired while avoiding thick, muddy passages.
  • Pyrrol Scarlet - This fire engine red is cleaner than Cadmium or Permanent Red. Capture the glory of a summer garden or the magic of a tropical sunset with this dynamic and versatile hue.
  • Phthalo Blue (GS) - For cool, clean staining shadows and reflected light on windows. Super staining, super transparent Phthalo Blue is a popular pure chroma organic pigment. Mix with Hansa Yellow for luminous greens.
  • Quinacridone Burnt Orange - Add to French Ultramarine sky washes to gray the blue mix and render a full value scale. Use Quinacridone Burnt Orange to modify Sap Green in landscapes to achieve rich, mossy greens that coordinate land with sky.

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