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DANIEL SMITH 24 Half Pan Watercolor Travel Box, Empty


Our 24 Half-Pan Empty Watercolor Travel Box can be filled with your choice of tube watercolors and is compatible with half pan watercolors from other manufactures, like W&N and Sennelier, so our Travel Box is completely customizable to your watercolor palette. You can easily mix tube colors with pan watercolors in a single Travel Box. Fits standard Half Pans only.

Additional empty pans are available:
10 Pack Empty Half Pans - 285 240 003

  • Customizable to your color palette.
  • Accommodate half pans from other watercolor brands such as W&N, and Sennelier.
  • Very strong and durable - longer lasting than plastic palettes especially the hinges.
  • 4 mixing wells.
  • 1 large mixing area.
  • Ring on back to slip your finger through to easily hold the open Travel Box as a palette while painting.
  • Place to hold travel brushes and a few other supplies.
  • Easy-to-clean enamel mixing areas, just wipe with paper towel to clean and remove moisture.
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Overall Experience
Professional Level Palette
How would you describe the quality of this product?
All metal, this thing will take a beating for years and years
How did this product perform compared to your expectations?
Was exactly the high quality I was looking for
How did you use this product?
I'm a professional watercolor painter and teacher. Been using this palette for 8 years or more. Its beaten, battered, faded,stained, the lid wont close and it gets up every morning and keeps going. I use at home, classes, everywhere. You will get years and years out of this.
Was this product true to its value?
It has great value...the only down side is the initial cost of the palette, paint cups, tax, and shipping will run you close to $90. This is not acceptable cost on any level. Cost of shopping with this company has become prohibitive. I don't shop there much anymore, sadly.
Overall Experience
What was your overall experience with this product?
Worth having, however not worth the ultimate cost of nearly $90 when you get it outfitted, taxed, shipped etc...ouch...no way!
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