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DANIEL SMITH Pearlescent and Duochrome 37ml Oil 5-Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Pearlescent and Duochrome 37ml Oil 5-Tube Set

Used alone or mixed into standard colors, DANIEL SMITH Luminescent colors create striking effects of light and color.

Oil Luminescent

Minuscule particles of titanium-coated mica are the secret. Different size particles and thicknesses of coating provide the dazzling array of choices only DANIEL SMITH offers. Pearlescent colors appear almost colorless but when applied over a dark color they bounce back gleaming color. Our Duochrome colors, bounce between two distinctive colors depending on the reflective light.

Contains the following colors:

  • Pearlescent Black - A warm black with a slight shimmer. Use either alone or mix with regular oils to add a special gleam or effect to a color that you can't achieve with regular oils.
  • Pearlescent Shimmer - A golden buff color on it's own, and when painted over darker colors, adds a golden shimmer to the darker color. When thinned with medium, Pearlescent Shimmer becomes a shimmery golden veil over darker colors.
  • Pearlescent White - Pearly golden white on it's own and adds a golden pearlescent glow when painted over darker colors.
  • Duochrome Aquamarine - A color shift between metallic emerald green and metallic blue depending on the angle, think of the color shift you see on a peacocks' tail feathers. When painted over darker colors, the slightly metallic emerald green shift to metallic blue becomes more pronounced.
  • Duochrome Saguaro Green - A color shift from golden metallic olive green to metallic Yellow Ochre. This is more pronounced when the color is thinned and painted over a dark color.

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