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DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Oil Iridescent 7 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Oil Iridescent 7 Tube Set

Add dimension and brilliance to your paintings with these lustrous colors-the best selection of special-effect oil paints available. Used alone or mixed into standard colors, Luminescents create striking effects of light and color. Minuscule particles of titanium coated mica are the secret. Different size particles and thicknesses of coating provide the dazzling array of choices offered.

Interference and Pearlescent colors appear almost colorless but when applied over a dark color they bounce back gleaming color. The Interference colors actually take on different hues according to where the viewer stands and how light is striking them. Viewed from one angle, Interference Green is exactly that - a shimmering pearly green. Viewed from another, it refracts a reddish hue. Our Duochrome colors bounce between two distinctive colors depending on the reflective light. Pure visual excitement! The Iridescent colors reflect light directly and provide a fascinating sense of depth, along with a distinctive sheen. The color ranges of these colors are the most intense.

Contains the following colors:

  • Iridescent Blue
  • Iridescent Brass 
  • Iridescent Green
  • Iridescent Bright Green
  • Iridescent Magenta
  • Iridescent Red
  • Iridescent Violet