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DANIEL SMITH 6-Tube Cadmium Oil Replacement Set

Item No: 285 210 156 Mfr# Aug. 2010
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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH 6-Tube Cadmium Oil Replacement Set
To make better, safer alternatives colors for Artists - the new Cadmium Hues have increased opacity and greater vibrancy, without the potential toxicity associated with Cadmiums.
Cadmium colors. developed in the 19th and 20th centuries, replaced impermanent (fugitive) yellows, oranges and reds, and improved the Masters' color palettes. Today, after development that started in 2000, we have improved on the old Cadmiums - our new cadmiums surpassed expectations and meet our high standards of quality.

Includes a DANIEL SMITH Series 55 Kolinsky Sable Oil Brush in size #20 Round.
Contains the following colors:

    • Cadmium Green Hue - A wonderfully surprising opaque light green with the vivid color of tiny new leaves. Fresh and modern, tart as limeade, it's a great choice for bringing warmth and light to landscapes or abstract paintings. Mixed with white, it retains its clean glow.
    • Cadmium Orange Hue - A mixture of modern pigments that creates this opaque, classic medium orange - a perfect substitute for traditional Cadmium Orange. It's so richly pigmented that it still looks very orange even when mixed with lots of white.
    • Cadmium Red Medium Hue - A non-toxic, economical alternative to classic Cadmium Red. It's a vibrant, strong primary red, great both for mixing and painting straight from the tube. An organic color, it has high chroma and strong capacity.
    • Cadmium Red Scarlet Hue - Our gorgeous modern replacement for Cadmium Red Scarlet. It's a warm, glowing tomato red straight from the tube. Mix it with white to produce a range of stunning coral pinks.
    • Cadmium Yellow Light Hue - A professional quality replacement for Cadmium Yellow Light Oil. Our Cadmium Yellow Light Hue is a mixture of modern pigments that matches the color and working properties of a palette staple - without the use of cadmium pigments. This heavily pigmented oil is formulated for bright, saturated brush strokes and predictable mixtures.
    • Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue - A mixture of modern pigments to mimic classic Cadmium Yellow Medium. It's a rich, orange-leaning school bus or sunflower yellow. Very strong pigmentation means you can mix in a good deal of white and still maintain its vibrant warmth.

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