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DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Complete Color Mixing 37ml 11-Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Complete Color Mixing 37ml 11-Tube Set

This versatile palette of colors includes a warm and cool of each primary with additional colors to provide optimal mixing possibilities. Having a warm and cool of each primary helps the artist identify the temperature of color and its relationship to the color wheel. Whether you're just starting out in oil or are a seasoned painter, you can mix any color you want. The possibilities are limitless!

DS Original Oil complete Color mixing Set

A few tips to get you started: Create varied vibrant greens by mixing Phthalo Blue (RS) with any of the yellows, or start with Viridian or Sap Green for even more possibilities.

Capture the darks of trees in a forest by mixing Ultramarine Blue with Alizarin Crimson or Viridian Green.

Avoid using black - instead, make your darks by mixing Phthalo Blue (RS) with Alizarin Crimson, or Burnt Umber with Ultramarine Blue. Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre neutralize color and create wonderful earthy tones for landscape, skin tones and underpainting.

See our article,"The Study of Color", for everything you need to know about color theory.

Set includes the following colors:

  • Permanent Red - Semi-transparent Permanent Red is a bright true red, and the coolest of our reds, except for Permanent Red Deep which it is equal too, though lighter in color.
  • Alizarin Crimson - A historical rich red color with blue undertones has been an important color on artists' palettes for hundreds of years, and is a must have for many modern painters. This cool, transparent red makes clear pinks and when mixed with colors like Phthalo Green, makes rich darks. Our Alizarin Crimson has greater permanency than the traditional color with fair lightfastness.
  • Phthalo Blue - Dark in mass tone, very transparent with strong tinting power for mixing, a real workhorse color for your palette. Slightly cooler than Phthalo Blue (Green Shade).
  • French Ultramarine - A classic blue, French Ultramarine is a semi-transparent, intense blue, and nearly black in mass tone. A great mixer with other colors, and mixed with white makes a deep vaulted sky blue.
  • Hansa Yellow Medium - Semi transparent Hansa Yellow Medium retains some of the lemon brightness of Hansa Yellow Light, with added warmth and depth by leaning ever-so-slightly towards orange. Think of a yellow pepper.
  • Lemon Yellow - A brilliant primary yellow, is the perfect pigment for mixing a range of hues when a clean yellow is necessary. This saturated and bright color will add life to your work at full strength and, when mixed with white, creates a sweet soft glow for a light and subtle statement. You'll enjoy a range of mixing possibilities and your artwork will appreciate the durability of this extremely vivid paint.
  • Sap Green - Dark green in mass tone, transparent Sap Green lightens to a clear olive green with none of the grayed tones in other olive greens and mixes cleanly.
  • Viridian - A transparent cool green with more blue than Phthalo Green. Has an excellent lightfastness.
  • Burnt Umber - A Traditional painter's color, Burnt Umber is made by heating Raw Umber which transforms it from a dark greenish brown to a dark, brown with a hint of red tones. Burnt Umber when mixed with a bit of white becomes a warm tortoise shell brown.
  • Yellow Ochre - One of the earliest known earth pigments and was used by ancient man to paint onto cave walls. Transparent with excellent lightfastness.
  • Titanium White - A neutral bright white, brighter than Zinc or Lead White with excellent covering ability.

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