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DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Landscape 16 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Landscape 16 Tube Set
DANIEL SMITH Original Oils are our classic, highly pigmented professional grade, lead-free oil paints. Artists love their color strength and lightfastness. With uniform drying time and surface appearance, rich colors and buttery consistency, they are wonderful to work with. Use this set to create beautiful landscapes that overflow with color and visual excitement.

Includes the following colors:

  • Hansa Yellow Light - A bright lemony yellow with a touch of green. This semi-transparent becomes even more illuminated when mixed with white.
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue - A mixture of modern pigments to mimic classic Cadmium Yellow Medium. It's a rich, orange-leaning school bus or sunflower yellow. Very strong pigmentation means you can mix in a good deal of white and still maintain its vibrant warmth.
  • Naples Yellow - A soft muted yellow and in mass tone has a slight Ochre cast.
  • Yellow Ochre - One of the earliest known earth pigments and was used by ancient man to paint onto cave walls. Transparent with excellent lightfastness.
  • Cadmium Orange Hue - A mixture of modern pigments that creates this opaque, classic medium orange - a perfect substitute for traditional Cadmium Orange. It's so richly pigmented that it still looks very orange even when mixed with lots of white.
  • Cadmium Red Scarlet Hue - Our gorgeous modern replacement for Cadmium Red Scarlet. It's a warm, glowing tomato red straight from the tube. Mix it with white to produce a range of stunning coral pinks.
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson - We use a mixture of modern pigments to create this significantly more light-resistant alternative to classic Alizarin. It's more opaque than the original color, but has the same intensity and produces the same kind of versatile blue-leaning pinks.
  • Ultramarine Violet - In mass tone is a very dark violet with a touch of red and is similar to Manganese Violet but with the warmer red tones. 
  • Ultramarine Blue Deep - Transparent and is very similar to French Ultramarine which is semi-transparent and a touch warmer.
  • Cobalt Blue - A semi-transparent primary blue great for mixing or used by itself.
  • Manganese Blue Hue - A beautiful cool transparent blue.
  • Cadmium Green Hue - A wonderfully surprising opaque light green with the vivid color of tiny new leaves. Fresh and modern, tart as limeade, it's a great choice for bringing warmth and light to landscapes or abstract paintings. Mixed with white, it retains its clean glow.
  • Sap Green - Dark green in mass tone, transparent Sap Green lightens to a clear olive green with none of the grayed tones in other olive greens and mixes cleanly.  
  • Viridian - A transparent cool green with more blue than Phthalo Green. Has an excellent lightfastness.
  • Van Dyke Brown - A deep, dark brown mix of siennas and umbers, very similar to Sepia which is transparent.
  • Mixed White - Opaque and almost as strong in tinting colors as Titanium White. Thinner in viscosity than Titanium and Zinc Whites and is easier for mixing.

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