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Duochrome Oceanic 4oz Jar, DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic

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Product Description

Duochrome Oceanic 4oz Jar, DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic
Our Luminescent Acrylics include four types of unique colors: Interference, Iridescent, Pearlescent and Duochrome pigments-all made with the same care and emphasis on quality as our other Daniel Smith products. The dazzling NEW DUOCHROME colors change from one shade to another as your viewing angle shifts. You'll hardly believe your eyes, and you can't get them anywhere else! The Luminescent colors are smooth and creamy, formulated with pigments developed by modern technology. Our acrylics are made with 100% acrylic emulsion, contain no fillers or extenders, and are completely lightfast. Lightfastness Rating: I *** For information on Lightfastness Ratings click here.***

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