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Red Fuchsite Genuine 15ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor

Item No: 284 600 189 Mfr# 284 600 189
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Product Description

Red Fuchsite Genuine 15ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor

The mountains of Brazil yield a beloved and treasured gemstone. Paint this soft, reddish dusky rose and watch as the mineral iridescent sheen rises to the surface of your brushstroke.

This color, from our PrimaTek line of authentic mineral pigments, gives new definition to skies, botanicals and reflections.

  • ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Staining: Non-staining
  • Granulating: Yes

marcia martin, from Modesto California USA
Overall Experience
fancy, useful and gorgeous
How would you describe the quality of this product?
Just as expected, it's a real gem on paper...the finest quality watercolor made.
How did this product perform compared to your expectations?
It's so very beautiful on it's own or mixed. I was expecting a pretty color, but when I use it I can't stop staring at it. Thinned out, neat or mixed, you will be so glad you have it. My work went from prettyto wow.
How would you describe the consistency?
It's thick and fairly dark...a tiny amount mixed with water creates a sheer reddish bronze wash. Less water and more paint gives a shimmering reddish brown rich covering. It's like a flat opague red brick color that gives off a glow of soft sparkling bits of jewels from every angle you see. It's not like you put glitter on your work. It's understated .
How did you use this color in a painting?
I've used it as a wash or less water for areas like rocks when I want that color. Also mixed with blue or green it makes gorgeous tones for forest. You will find so many combinations that lift your work into something that makes you gasp at the beauty of color, and you can create quite a range with this paint.
Was this product true to its value?
Oh yes, I will never be without it. You have so many colors by buying just this one to have on it's own or as a way to make other breathtakingly beautiful colors if so many hues.
Overall Experience
What was your overall experience with this product?
I am still creating more colors with it. I use it as often as the colors most people would consider necessary for an artist. Even if you just use yellow blue and red, you will enjoy owning something you could not make with just the primaries because of the shimmering jewel quality of this paint.
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