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Cote d'Azur Violet (Natural Light Caput Mortuum) 15ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor


One of the Daniel Smith Historic Mineral Colors, this natural earth pigment is non-staining and transparent. It originates in mountains near the French Riviera.

The pigment granulation and subtle mauve-taupe color calls to mind warm beaches and sun-bleached seashells. Try painting Cote d'Azur silhouette shapes and other elements into your floral compositions. Vary the color and temperature with a touch of Cerulean Blue and consider investing in Azurite.

  • ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent - Not yet rated by ASTM - Rating based on Daniel Smith's independent testing.
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Granulating: Yes
  • Staining: Non-staining
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