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DANIEL SMITH DS SOL is a less toxic variety of odorless mineral spirits—the harmful aromatic solvent component is completely removed.Pure and more highly refined than typical mineral spirits, it has the
slowest evaporation rate of any solvent we carry. In a three-hour painting session, only about 20% of DS SOL evaporates into the air—in comparison, 90% of turpentine will evaporate in the same period. This makes it both safer and more economical to use. It has a Permissible Exposure Level of 300, the highest available PEL in a petroleum solvent that still works well for painting. (Turpentine has a PEL of 100 and regular Odorless Mineral Spirits has a PEL of 200.) DS SOL is also less flammable, with a higher flash point. DS SOL works very well for thinning oil paint, for use in oil painting mediums and for cleaning brushes, but will not dissolve damar crystals. It’s also a great blending medium for colored pencils. 100% pure, odorless mineral spirits, less toxic, slowest evaporation rate.

United States Department of Transportation Shipping Regulations. Combustible items are shipped by UPS Ground only, allow 5-10 business days. Due to United States Department of Transportation regulations, all combustible items must be shipped in separate boxes. Combustible items cannot be returned and will ship only to the 48 contiguous states. No combustible shipments to PO boxes. Call our customer service line with questions at 800-426-7923.

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