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Gloss, 8oz, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic Medium

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Product Description

Gloss, 8oz, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic Medium

DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Mediums extend your paint and add brushability, without foaming during mixing. They dry to a clear, flexible non-yellowing finish. Mix gloss and matte thoroughly for satin finishes, and remix from time to time as you work.

Versatile and Economical: it's a paint extender, a glue, glaze and varnish!

Although it's considered safe to thin acrylic paint with up to 50% water, diluting or extending your paints with acrylic medium yields a stronger, more flexible paint film, adheres the paint molecules more firmly to your surface and helps subsequent layers of paint adhere better.

Use magazine pictures, vintage prints, paintings and decorative papers to create a collage on a painted background, using DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Gloss Medium as the glue. Paper may buckle at first, but will flatten as the medium dries.

We mixed small amounts of the medium with minute amounts of DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylics and brushed the glazes onto portions of the black and white images to add watercolor-like veils of color and help tie the composition together.

Finally, we used the medium as a varnish, brushing a layer over the entire piece to set the pieces and create an overall gloss and protective, water-resistant finish. Though it looks whitish as it’s brushed on, the medium dries crystal-clear.

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