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DANIEL SMITH Oil Gesso, White, Quart

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Oil Gesso, White, Quart
DANIEL SMITH White Oil Gesso—This traditional ground for oil and alkyd paintings provides a strong, durable, heavily pigmented fi lm. To make our oil gesso, we blend titanium and zinc whites with a soybean oil alkyd resin as the vehicle, the type used in commercial wood coatings. It has excellent adhesion, especially over wood, and can be applied directly to wood surfaces without a glue undersizing. When used on canvas, an undersizing of rabbit skin glue is needed. This gesso is lead-free and cleans with turpentine or mineral spirits. The average drying time for a coat is about 7 hours.

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Pierre Coupey
Overall Experience
Would like to know more about DS Oil Gesso, especially the fumes
How would you describe the quality of this product?
Very much like the buttery feel and how the DS oil gesso spreads: it gives good coverage and does dry overnight. Much easier to put on than some other oil gesso grounds.
How did this product perform compared to your expectations?
Gives a far brighter backlight to oil pigments than other oil gessoes or acrylic grounds. Makes the colours pop from the canvas, very nice.
How did you use this medium in your work?
Applied two coats of DS oil gesso ground over one coat PVA size, sanding between coats, on both linen and cotton canvas supports. As canvas sizes range from 50" square to 72" square, need a ground that applies evenly and smoothly on large supports.
Was this product true to its value?
Overall Experience
What was your overall experience with this product?
Having used DS oil gesso now for the first time in the preparation of seven new canvasses, my major concern relates to the fumes this product gives off: the smell of DS oil gesso is very strong and permeates the studio and the house, despite the fact that my studio has excellent ventilation and two very powerful extractor fans. I'm worried that the fumes may be toxic, and whether one must wear a ventilator mask. What are the health implications of this product? Have searched the web and have not found any specific information, and the DS web site doesn't say anything explicit. I like everything else about DS Oil gesso but the fumes and their potential toxicity. Information please!
Hello Pierre, happy to read that you really like our DS oil gesso! We do have on this page, a link to the MSDS sheet pdf. for our DS oil gesso that should answer your questions. This is the url, not sure if it will actually link, but you can follow the MSDS link in the "Resources" section of this page. Thank you Pierre! http://www.danielsmith.com/ItemFiles/MSDS/MSDS_US00002_284-040-007_10042011.PDF
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