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Derwent Artbar 12-Color Tin

Item No: 261 921 010 Mfr# 2300590
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Product Description

Derwent Artbar 12-Color Tin

With a beautiful creamy consistency, these triangular bars of solid, highly pigmented colour offer the artist so much creative potential. They feel luxuriously smooth as they release consistently rich, deep pigment. The wax based bars are also completely water-soluble and dry marks almost seem to melt under your brush. Used either dry or wet, Artbar opens up a world of expressive mark making and rich opaque colour.

How to Use Artbar

1. Try making as many different marks as you can with Artbar. Use different edges and sides and move the bar in different directions.

2. Try blending and layering different colors. See how you can build up dense pigment and blend colors together. if you warm the layers with warm air (breath) you can gently blend the colors with your finger.

3. Explore the reaction when you add water and the difference in washes over light color and dense color. You can create some beautiful thick paint effects.

4. See what marks you can make over the wet areas with a bar. You can use the bar to push the wet color around and a wet bar to print texture from the side of the bar.

5. Try building up surface texture by layering small scraps of Artbar on top of your drawing. Work into the surface with warm fingers and a little moisture.

    12-Color Tin contains:
  • Process Yellow
  • Tertiary Orange
  • Primary Red
  • Process Magenta
  • Tertiary Purple
  • Primary Blue
  • Process Cyan
  • Tertiary Green
  • Raw Umber
  • Paynes Gray
  • Black
  • Opaque White

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