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Sennelier Soft Pastel, 60 Half Stick, Black Wood Box Set

Item No: 202 410 035 Mfr# 10-132271-00
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Product Description

Sennelier Soft Pastel, 60 Half Stick, Black Wood Box Set

Half Stick Soft Pastels

The half stick size is valued as much for being sturdy as it is for being economical. Its strength enables it to withstand extensive handling and traveling. The low price point enables artists to afford far more colors. Half stick pastels have the exact same pigment and binder composition as the full sticks.

These Sennelier best selling half stick soft pastels are now available in chic black wood boxes perfect for gift giving. Sennelier soft pastels have been made by hand since 1900, when Degas asked Sennelier to create pastels in true-to-life colors. Still made today with 100% pure pigment using no clays or fillers, the result is an exceptionally soft, lightfast, and water-soluble pastel for colors with unparalleled intensity and depth. Opening the ebony box of these luminous colors inspires creation!

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