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ARCHES Watercolor Paper Pack, Bright White, 300lb, Cold Press, 22" x 30", 25 Pack

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Product Description

ARCHES Watercolor Paper Pack, Bright White, 300lb, Cold Press, 22" x 30", 25 Pack

Arches Bright White - a truly white watercolor sheet with all the famous performance of Arches. Now artists who want the best foundation for their work have a choice. And artists who like to work on a brighter sheet won't have to settle for anything less than Arches. On Arches Bright White, colors appear truer and brighter -- more vibrant than before. Mould-made without optical brighteners or bleaches, Arches Bright White is acid-free for longevity. It delivers all the durability, strength and beauty that Arches is known for -- including four deckle edges and a watermark.

Arches watercolor paper is internal and surface sized which makes this paper take color beautifully even after scratching and erasing. All cotton content and anti-fungal protection ensures lasting durability.

The sheets are mouldmade and tub-sized using organic gelatin. They are 100% cotton and neutral pH with four deckle edges. Highly versatile for watercolors, Arches is also well-suited for work in mixed media, drawing, pastel and acrylics.

Arches watercolor paper has been milled in Lorraine, France since 1492. Arches watercolor paper has been used to publish the complete works of Voltaire and Napoleon’s Description of Egypt. For over five hundred years Arches fine art paper has been the choice of fine artists the world over.

Even after many changes in technology and the use of the cylinder mould, Arches art paper has maintained the beauty, quality and performance that artists have relied upon for centuries. Each and every sheet of Arches watercolor paper is hand inspected to ensure that you receive the most consistent, durable and beautiful paper available to paint on.


  • 100% cotton
  • Hot press both internally and surface sized
  • Cold press and Rough are surface sized
  • 2 natural and 2 tear deckles
  • Acid and Chlorine free
  • Mouldmade
  • Buffered with Calcium Carbonate
  • Watermarked with "Arches France"
  • Embossed with "Aquarelle Arches"

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