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MAX Grumbacher Oil Color, Quinacridone Red, 37ml Tube

Item No: 129 380 044 Mfr# M170
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Product Description

MAX Grumbacher Oil Color, Quinacridone Red, 37ml Tube
The first oil paint that cleans up with soap and water! Because of a patented alteration of the normal molecular structure of oil paint, MAX mixes with water yet does not contain water. It works and dries like other artists' oil paints, but does not require toxic solvents for thinning and cleanup. It's a good choice for the painter who wants soap and water cleanup, but needs a much longer "open" time than acrylics provide. Max can be combined with standard oil mediums for glazing, speeding drying time and improving flow, or mixed with conventional oil paints, as long as the amount of medium or conventional oils to MAX does not exceed 30%. The labels give good product information, and all colors are ACMI approved. Synthetic brushes work best with MAX oils.

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