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Sap Green Hue 5oz Tube, GOLDEN Historical Heavy Body Acrylic

Item No: 100 120 125 Mfr# 0001461-3
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Product Description

Sap Green Hue 5oz Tube, GOLDEN Historical Heavy Body Acrylic

Golden Historical Acrylic - Sap Green Hue
Sap Green was made of the small berries from any shrub in the Buckthorn family, of which there are a handful of varieties. The Buckthorn is native to the near east, but has been cultivated in Europe since Roman times. The ripe berries could be used to make a pink dye, while the unripe berries produce a yellow juice or sap used to dye cloth and to make a yellow pigment called Sap Green. When creating this hue, GOLDEN wanted to make sure that the color space was distinctly separate from another blend color, Jenkins Green. This was achieved by blending Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Nickel Azo Yellow, Pthtalo Green Yellow Shade and adding a tiny amount of Carbon Black to get a deep yellow green. While the masstone is somewhat cool and dark, the undertone is warm and vibrant.

(1) 2oz tube of Gold Historical Acrylic Sap Green Hue

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