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Indian Yellow Hue 5oz Tube, GOLDEN Historical Heavy Body Acrylic


Golden Historical Acrylic - Indian Yellow Hue
The story of Indian Yellow pigment seems more like myth than fact. In the Bengali province of India, farmers raised herds of cattle fed only on mango leaves and water. The urine from these cows - bright yellow in color - was collected and dried to produce the pigment for Indian Yellow. Unfortunately, the cows were extremely undernourished, as mango leaves did not supply the cattle with sufficient nutrients, and they lived for only a very short time. The process was considered inhumane and, since 1908, Indian Yellow pigment has been prohibited from the market. To achieve Indian Yellow Hue GOLDEN looked back to the old tapestries and dyed fabrics of the Far East to find inspiration for this rich blend of Nickle Azo, Hansa and Quinacridone Burnt Orange creating a highly translucent authentic match.

(1) 2oz tube of Gold Historical Acrylic Indian Yellow Hue

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