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Interference Orange Fine 4oz Bottle, Golden Fluid Acrylic

Item No: 100 090 130 Mfr# 0002468-4
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Product Description

Interference Orange Fine 4oz Bottle, Golden Fluid Acrylic

GOLDEN Interference Acrylic colors offer artists a range of reflective properties and interplay with light. When viewed from different angles Interference colors "flip" between a bright opalescent color and its complement. Over white or light colored surfaces the Interference color is less obvious and the flip effect is more obvious, over black or dark surfaces the color is more obvious and the flip is less obvious.

Interference colors are relatively transparent, allowing artists the ability to glaze with unique effects. Enhance landscapes with Interference Blue or Interference Green. Add life to wildlife artwork with Interference Red or Interference Violet.

Combine Interference colors with small amounts of color for unique color ranges. Add gels for impasto effects or thin with mediums for glazing applications. Add a very small amount of black to Interference colors to produce deeper, richer, opalescent effects.

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