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Terre Verte Hue 2oz Tube, GOLDEN Historical Heavy Body Acrylic


Golden Historical Acrylic - Terre Verte Hue
Perhaps the most well known use of Terre Verte, or green earth, has been the under painting of flesh in medieval painting. The tradition of employing greenish mixtures in rendering flesh is recorded in texts from as early as the 11th century. Intentionally creating a weak and neutral green isn't easy with today's base primary colors. GOLDEN blends Chromium Oxide Green, Yellow Oxide and a touch of Phthalo Green Yellow Shade, then reduces the brightness with Carbon Black, Zinc White and Raw Umber. The opacity is then adjusted with large amounts of gel medium to match all of the properties of green earth.

(1) 2oz tube of Gold Historical Acrylic Terre Verte Hue

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