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Van Dyke Brown Hue 2oz Tube, GOLDEN Historical Heavy Body Acrylic


Golden Historical Acrylic - Van Dyke Brown Hue
Also known as Cassel or Cologne earth, the use of VanDyke Brown dates back to the 17th century. Originally obtained from the Cologne and Kassel regions of Germany, and later obtained elsewhere, the pigment from each locality can vary slightly in color and composition, leading to confusion in the precise qualities of this color. Van Dyke Brown was the most difficult color for GOLDEN to match because of its variability. It took intense study of multiple historic samples to arrive at a hue that could adequately represent this elusive pigment. Avoiding the common blends called Van Dyke Brown, that are simply an easy mix of Burnt Umber and a black, GOLDEN captures the rich vegetal undertone of peat, by using Transparent Red Iron Oxide as the base and carefully adding just enough Carbon Black to create a clean sepia tone.

(1) 2oz tube of Gold Historical Acrylic Van Dyke Brown Hue

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