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Dan Smith Autograph Series 46-01 Black Sable Oil Brush, Round 20

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Product Description

Dan Smith Autograph Series 46-01 Black Sable Oil Brush, Round 20

Our Autograph Black Sable's the Brush for Every Oil Technique. The DANIEL SMITH Autograph Series 46 Black Sable Oil Brush is a wonderful all-purpose tool for oil painters. Softer than Chungking hog bristle but stiffer than Kolinsky Red Sable, Russian Black Sable combines the advantages of controlled, bristle-like strokes with a smooth application that won't mark paint layers. This brush is great for delicate blending and smoothing out ridges left by bristle brushes - an invaluable asset for portrait and realist painters. The larger size has great color-carrying capacity.

Black Sable hair is so smooth that only certain master brushmakers can hold onto it without it slipping through their fingers. A seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrule and hand-tapered edges make this brush durable and luxurious.

The round tapers to a sharp point and has excellent spring. A thick belly allows maximum color loading and a delicate point holds its shape even after heavy use.

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