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Tri-Art Non-Stick Palette, rectangular, 16 in x 24 in

Item No: 027 080 017 Mfr# 0100003546
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Product Description

Tri-Art Non-Stick Palette, rectangular, 16 in x 24 in
This reusable palette is an economical and environmental alternative to disposable, metal, wood, or plastic palettes. Acrylics will not adhere permanently to palette, therefore once the paint has dried on the surface, it will peel cleanly away. Any remaining paint can be removed from the palette using the accumulated leftover paint as an eraser. Stubborn remnants can be rubbed off with warm water and a sponge. Flat, white surface provides a bright background for clear color mixing. Lightweight, easy to store, and will not warp or crack over time. Also ideal for water and oil-based printing inks, tempera paints, oil paints, alkyds, and gouache.

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