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Respirator Mask Replacement Cartridges, 2-pack

Item No: 014 010 004 Mfr# 70005080067
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Product Description

Respirator Mask Replacement Cartridges, 2-pack
This professional-quality, soft rubber respirator is recommended for use with dry pigments and solvents. Its double cartridges have also been approved for organic vapors, paint, lacquer and enamel mists, and asbestos-containing dusts and mists. (They will not filter acid fumes.) Cartridges should be replaced frequently for maximum efficiency. To prolong the life of your cartridges, store them in an airtight container. The small size fits most women. Men with facial hair cannot get a good fit with a respirator. Respirator Mask Replacement Cartridges Pack of 2 -- for use with the Respirator (small, item number 285 999 053 and standard, item number 014 010 005).

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