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Heavy-Duty Dust Mask

Item No: 014 010 001 Mfr# 8511PA1
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Product Description

Heavy-Duty Dust Mask

As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of respirators in the world, 3M provides products that address the needs of both workplace, regulated applications and do-it-yourself/homeowner non-regulated applications. For workplace uses, respirators are intended to protect the wearer by reducing their exposure to airborne contaminants.For DIY/home use, respirators are intended to keep harmful dusts and certain other particles out of your nose, mouth and lungs.

Wearing and Fitting: To be most effective, this reperator must be worn at all times when you are exposed to non-harmful dusts and particles. If the respirator becomes difficult to breathe through or is damaged, immediately go to a non-contaminated area and replace the filter.

Use for: Non-harmful dusts and certainparticles encountered during sanding projects (bare wood, non-lead painted surfaces or drywall), sweeping. Always use in well-ventilated area.

This resperator will not work for gases, vapors, odors or oil particles.

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