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Jana Parkin Southern Eastern Utah Kit

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Product Description

Jana Parkin Southern Eastern Utah Kit

A combination of Primatek (mineral) and traditional pigments to help you capture the colors and textures of the Utah desert (including 27 state parks and 5 national parks!). Nothing beats the variety of scenery in the Beehive State. This kit will help you capture glowing rocks, towering cliffs, mysterious petroglyphs, lush evergreens, sagebrush, and all the rest. The watersoluble graphite will help you loosen up, and take the fear factor out of moving from drawing to painting. Don't forget your spray bottle!

Tip: This set is intended to work in tandem with your standard palette. You'll want to bring along your cerulean, french ultramarine, alizarin crimson or quin rose, cad red scarlet, new gamboge, yellow ochre, and burnt sienna. The Heritage palette has plenty of wells for all the color you need.

  • 1 DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Nature's Best Set
  • 1 DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Quinacridone Deep Gold 15ml
  • 1 Heritage Artist Palette 18 Color Wells, 10x5
  • 1 Clear Vinyl Mesh Bag 10x13 Content Size
  • 1 Arches Watercolor Block 140lb 5.9x11.8
  • 1 Lyra Water-Soluble Graphite Stick 9B

Add-ons: Fuchsite, Piedmontite, Cobalt Blue Violet, Buff Titanium, 3" Hake, Squirrel Mop 10.

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