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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 238 Dot Try It Card


If you love taking a paint brush to a new color, painting out a stroke, watching the color flow across your paper and experiencing the joy of a beautiful new watercolor, then you are really going to enjoy this!

Now you can try almost every color in our vast and innovative line!
Provided on Watercolor Paper, our 238 Watercolor Dot Chart includes the painting properties for every color with a paintable dot you can try out for yourself!

On the 238 "Try-It" Sheets, you will find 31 dots of PrimaTeks, 5 Mayan colors, our entire collection of 12 Quinacridone colors, and all 6 of our Cadmium Hues. There are 48 colors from our Luminescent collection; 20 Iridescent, 7 Interference, 19 Duochrome plus Pearlescent Shimmer and Pearlescent White. Plus, 140 of our Extra Fine Watercolors.

CREATE your Own Reference Book!
Developing an easy-to-use personal reference guide of your watercolors is always a good idea, and our 238 Try-It Color Sheet is a great way to get started! We created a video using out 66-Dot Color Sheet, watch to see how you can use this even greater 238 collection as an excellent Reference Tool.

  • As we did for the 66-Card, cut the 238 Try-It Color Sheet into individual reference tabs so that each of the 238 watercolor dots are on their own rectangle.
  • Be sure to preserve the information (watercolor name, series number, sku number, and color information) printed on the paper for each color.
  • Using sheets of watercolor paper or pages in a Watercolor Journal, staple each reference rectangle onto a page.
    In our example, we used 8.5" x 11 sheets and punched holes so that they could be inserted into a binder later.
  • Dip your brush into water, then onto the watercolor dot on the stapled Reference rectangle.
  • Take up the pigment and paint it out on your Reference Book page.
  • Brush out the released pigment on the paper, experimenting with pigment density and transparency/granulation.
  • You can then write in notes about the color, such as Tips and Tricks about Wet onto Wet/Dry Paper Techniques.

Create Mixing References too - combinations that you want to remember and use later.

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KT from Los Angeles
Overall Experience
So glad I ordered this!
Overall Experience
What was your overall experience with this product?
Obviously sampling the colors in person is the best way to see what the pigments actually look like. It was fun to paint little swatches of each -- discovering new colors that I will add to my palette and sampling others that I was curious about, but would never order blindly. Thanks for offering this product, DS!
marcia martin, from Modesto California USA
Overall Experience
The perfect way to actually paint with each color
Was this resource helpful?
This was the best way to know what each color is like, so yes, it was more than helpful. It satisfied my curiosity. There is a lot of paint in each dot, more than enough to use the color on watercolor paper and see it clearly in a large area.
Overall Experience
What was your overall experience with this product?
I made a sketch on watercolor paper of an abstract multicolored cat with many sections so I could actually paint with the dots and see the results. As I went along I wrote next to the dots in tiny rapidograph pen a key to which section had that color, numbering the sections as you would read a book, left to right. now I have a lovely cat picture and I ordered many of the paints knowing how they performed. perfect and practical
Customer Comments
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