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Battleship Linoleum Roll 12in x 45ft
Our Price: $209.00
From  $209.00ex VAT$213.18inc VAT
Made from a blend of linseed oil and cork powder. Our linoleum is a light gray color and is 1/8' thick with a heavy burlap backing. Warm it in the sun or with a warm iron over an ironing cloth for easier cutting.  Learn More
Speedball Ultimate Fabric and Paper Block Printing Kit

Our Price: $44.07
From  $44.07ex VAT$44.95inc VAT
The Speedball Ultimate Fabric and Paper Block Printing Kit makes it easy to print your own artwork on either fabric or  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Oil Relief Inks - 150 ml Tubes
Our Price: $9.57-$15.62
From  $9.57ex VAT$9.76inc VAT
Daniel Smith relief inks are professional quality oil-based inks for woodblock, linoleum and intaglio relief printing. They are smooth and creamy, yielding crisp prints with a press or by hand. To reduce  Learn More
Akua Intaglio Water-Based Inks, 8oz cans

Our Price: $14.62
From  $14.62ex VAT$14.91inc VAT
Akua Intaglio Water-based Ink is made  with the highest quality binders and lightfast pigments and is labeled non-toxic and conforms to ASTMD 4236. Formulated for intaglio or etching, it also works well  Learn More
Speedball Acrylic Screen Print Inks

Our Price: $5.59
From  $5.59ex VAT$5.70inc VAT
Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Ink comes in brilliant opaque colors, including 3 process colors. For use on paper, wood and cardboard, they contain no toxic solvents, have no offensive smell, and clean up  Learn More
Speedball Red Baron Dual Edge Squeegee

Our Price: $4.75
From  $4.75ex VAT$4.85inc VAT
Speedball Red Baron Dual Edge 9' Plastic Squeegee has both fabric and graphic blades and a comfortable fingertip  Learn More
Speedball Plastic Squeegee, 9"
Price$8.69Save:$2.61 (30%)
Our Price: $6.08
From  $6.08ex VAT$6.20inc VAT
Speedball Squeegees for Fabric and Graphics. The shape and material of a squeegee’s blade determines which type of printing it is best suited to. A round edge pushes more ink through the screen and  Learn More
Charbonnel Etching Inks - 60ml Tubes

Our Price: $9.25-$9.95
From  $9.25ex VAT$9.44inc VAT
In 1862 Francois Charbonnell, practicing chemist, started up a business manufacturing 'inks and grounds for artistic printing' in premises located  Learn More
Etcher's Copper Plates

Our Price: $12.95-$103.67
From  $12.95ex VAT$13.21inc VAT
18 Gauge Copper Plates - Polished and industrial finish. Plates are sold  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH 1/4inWool/Polyester Forming Blanket, 24in x 48in
Price$52.35Save:$15.70 (30%)
Our Price: $36.65
From  $36.65ex VAT$37.38inc VAT
When printing etchings, three felts are generally used. Closest to the paper, a thin absorbent felt called the Sizing Catcher. Next, the Forming Blanket, the thickest of the felts, acts as a cushion to cast  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Carborundum Grits (Silicon Carbide), #220 (price per pound)
Our Price: $9.95
From  $9.95ex VAT$10.15inc VAT
Daniel Smith Carborundum Grit (Silicon Carbide) #220 Through direct purchasing from the plant that produces these abrasives, we are able to offer you substantial savings. For quotes on drum prices, please  Learn More
Our Price: $7.10-$73.81
From  $7.10ex VAT$7.24inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Premium and Standard Gum Arabic helps reduce the bleeding effects in a watery wash an increases the solubility of the dried paint. Light Amber changes the color slightly and Amber  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Lithographic Inks
Price$42.63Save:$12.38 (29%)
Our Price: $30.25
From  $30.25ex VAT$30.86inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Lithographic Inks are the finest available. We modified the grind and viscosity of each color to obtain optimal printability - you'll especially love their tackiness and substantial  Learn More
Richeson Large Press Package, 23"
Our Price: $3,795.00
From  $3,795.00ex VAT$3,870.90inc VAT
Richeson Presses can be used for a variety of printmaking techniques, including linoleum block printing, collagraph printing, engraving, etching and monoprinting. They are rock solid featuring heavy-duty  Learn More
Richeson Medium Press Package, 19"
Our Price: $1,499.00
From  $1,499.00ex VAT$1,528.98inc VAT
Richeson Presses can be used for a variety of printmaking techniques, including linoleum block printing, collagraph printing, engraving, etching and monoprinting. They are rock solid featuring heavy-duty  Learn More
Richeson Baby Press Package, 11"
Our Price: $586.24
From  $586.24ex VAT$597.96inc VAT
A small press with big capabilities The 11' Baby Press from Richeson can be used for a wide variety of printmaking techniques, including linoleum block printing, collagraph printing, engraving, etching  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Burnt Plate Oil, Light 00, Quart
Our Price: $16.59
From  $16.59ex VAT$16.92inc VAT
The most common modifier for etching inks, Burnt Plate Oils are made by slowly heating pure linseed oil for varying periods of time, depending on the desired body. (The longer it's heated, the more the  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Magnesium Carbonate, 1lb Package
Our Price: $11.65
From  $11.65ex VAT$11.88inc VAT
A very white inert pigment used to add body to  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Anti Skin Spray Pump, 16 oz
Our Price: $10.99
From  $10.99ex VAT$11.21inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Anti Skin Spray is a mixture of soybean oil and odorless mineral spirits. Spray a small amount on the surface of ink to prevent an ink skin from forming. Also prolongs freshness for ink in  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Skin Papers, 2-3/4in for 1/4lb Cans, Box of 1000
Our Price: $17.95
From  $17.95ex VAT$18.31inc VAT
Keep your ink fresh by replacing the skin papers after each application. The 3-3/4' size fits our 1 lb. ink cans, and the 2-3/4' size fits the + lb. Ink cans. All sizes have ears for easy removal and come 1000  Learn More
Russell Ink Knife 3/4in x 4in Mixing

Our Price: $10.79
From  $10.79ex VAT$11.01inc VAT
Designed with good flexibility for mixing inks, these knives are manufactured in the U.S. The handles are made from rosewood secured with strong metal  Learn More