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Sennelier Soft Pastel, Wood Box Set of 250 Colors
Our Price: $897.50
From  $897.50ex VAT$915.45inc VAT
Made by hand since 1900, Sennelier extra-fine soft pastels are an artist's dream. They are water soluble and have an have  Learn More
Sennelier Oil Pastel, Wood Box Set of 120 Colors
Our Price: $314.74
From  $314.74ex VAT$321.03inc VAT
Picasso himself chose the first 48 original colors, including eight distinct grays. Metallic and iridescent colors were added in the 1980s. Sennelier again expanded its colors in 2003, and this luxury wood box  Learn More
Unison Soft Pastel 72-color Landscape Set
Our Price: $311.23
From  $311.23ex VAT$317.45inc VAT
No other pastel flows so smoothly into the tooth of the paper! Unison Colour Soft Pastels are simply beautiful. Dense pure pigment is mixed into the studio of John Hersey in the hills of scenic  Learn More
Sennelier Oil Sticks Wood Box Set of 36
Our Price: $527.16
From  $527.16ex VAT$537.70inc VAT
Oil sticks work extremely well in conjunction with oil paints or on their own. This large set of Artists' Oil Sticks gives you the range you need to follow your  Learn More
Sennelier Extra Fine Oil Pastel Iridescent Set, 12 Colors
Our Price: $44.81
From  $44.81ex VAT$45.71inc VAT
Sennelier Extra Fine Oil Pastels are the creamiest of all professional brands. Sensual, lightfast, luminous and intense, they have great opacity and covering power. Henri Sennelier created them for Picasso,  Learn More
Sennelier Oil Pastel 24 Piece Set
Our Price: $80.17
From  $80.17ex VAT$81.77inc VAT
These creamy, lipstick-like pastels in the Sennelier Oil Pastel 24 Piece Set were created in the 1940s in collaboration with Picasso, and are richly pigmented, opaque, acid-free and highly lightfast. They can be  Learn More
Richeson Semi-Hard Square Pastels, 120 Stick Set
Our Price: $135.60
From  $135.60ex VAT$138.31inc VAT
Richeson Semi-Hard Square Pastel Sets are highly pigmented, professional-quality pastel sticks. Firmer than traditional pastels, they offer smooth control with little  Learn More
Conte Color Crayon 12 Assorted Classic Shade Colors Set in Box
Our Price: $21.16
From  $21.16ex VAT$21.58inc VAT
The 12 Color Conte Art Crayon Classic Shades Set offers a evocative selection of 12 color shades. Harder and waxier than soft pastels, they're made from natural pigments, kaolin clay and  Learn More
Richeson Semi-Hard Square Pastels, 12 Stick Set
Our Price: $15.19
From  $15.19ex VAT$15.49inc VAT
Richeson’s professional, semi-hard pastel sticks are perfect for underpainting, their square shape is ideal for shading, and if so desired, they can also be sharpened to a point. Choose from a range of  Learn More
Faber-Castell PITT Pastel Pencil 24-color Set
Our Price: $47.18
From  $47.18ex VAT$48.12inc VAT
24 Set Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils in a compact tin box. Creamy, wax-free and non-scratching, these highly pigmented pastel pencils allow extremely fine linework and beautiful color layering  Learn More
Faber-Castell PITT Pastel Pencil 60-color Set
Our Price: $117.98
From  $117.98ex VAT$120.34inc VAT
These highly pigmented pastel pencils allow extremely fine linework and beautiful color layering  Learn More
Faber-Castell PITT Pastel Pencils
Our Price: $2.07
From  $2.07ex VAT$2.11inc VAT
Faber-Castell's Pitt Pastel Pencils are very suitable for lines, shading, and delicate color transitions, and also for extended areas. Use them for sketches, studies, portraits, still-lifes, and  Learn More
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Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
Our Price: $1.81-$1.87
From  $1.81ex VAT$1.85inc VAT
Offered in 30 breathtaking pulp-dyed colors, Canson Mi-Teintes is a famous lightfast paper for pastel, charcoal, printing, book arts and more. Made in France by Canson et Montgolfier, it lives up to a reputation  Learn More
CANSON Mi-Tientes Touch Sanded Pastel 22x30 Sheets
Our Price: $9.97
From  $9.97ex VAT$10.17inc VAT
An innovative paper with a pigment-grabbing, micro-abrasive surface available in some of Mi-Tientes most popular colors. Featuring Canson's finest-quality French paper at their core, these fine-tooth sanded  Learn More
Hahnemühle Ingres (German Ingres) Paper
Our Price: $1.64-$2.15
From  $1.64ex VAT$1.67inc VAT
Hahnemuhle Ingres Paper is mouldmade in Germany and has an attractive toothy finish and an even-laid formation. It is excellent for drawing and printing. Ingres paper is made of 100% alpha  Learn More
Watercolor Stick & Pastel Storage Case
Our Price: $2.99
From  $2.99ex VAT$3.05inc VAT
5 compartment plastic case that is perfect for holding DANIEL SMITH watercolor sticks. Break the compartments apart or leave them together in sets of 2 to 5. Fits many pastel sticks. Protects your  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Pastel Blender Brushes
Our Price: $23.07-$32.97
From  $23.07ex VAT$23.53inc VAT
Pastel artists love the soft blended effects these brushes give. Made of soft pony hair set in a seamless ferrule with a lacquered wood handle, these brushes offer a comfortable feel along with brush-like  Learn More
Finger Cots
Our Price: $5.59
From  $5.59ex VAT$5.70inc VAT
Protect your fingertips. Finger Cots are like tiny latex gloves for your fingertips. Perfect for pastelists or anyone who uses their fingers to apply and blend color. Hands stay cool and comfortable. When  Learn More
Telling a Story with Pastels
Our Price: $94.24-$311.23
From  $94.24ex VAT$96.12inc VAT
Telling a Story with Pastels: An Artistic Dramatization by Carole Katchen People think that storytelling is only done with words, but you can also tell a story in a picture. To  Learn More
The Harmony of Light - Capturing the Magical Hour with Pastels
Our Price: $5.49-$268.99
From  $5.49ex VAT$5.60inc VAT
Diana Randolph uses Pastels to Capture the Magic of that Fleeting Hour Some call it the magical hour, when the sun sinks in the sky, casting long rays through our planet's thick  Learn More
Liquid Gold - Pastel Painting with Unison Soft Pastels
Our Price: $94.24-$178.45
From  $94.24ex VAT$96.12inc VAT
Master Colorist, Lyndelle Stonick Demonstrates her Method of Painting with Unison Soft Pastels To create my painting, 'Liquid Gold', I start from a photographic reference and work on a  Learn More