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Caucasian Flesh Tone (PW 6, PW 43, PO 62) 37ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color
Our Price: $8.91
From  $8.91ex VAT$9.09inc VAT
It's a great starting point for portraits-a convenient pre-mixed neutral peach color, opaque and warm. Use it to rough in areas, then add glazes and shadow areas to define features and specific skin tones.  Learn More
Buff Titanium (PW 6:1) 37ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color
Our Price: $7.10
From  $7.10ex VAT$7.24inc VAT
Buff Titanium is a unique neutral color with strong tinting strength. This single pigment color does not have the yellow tones that other neutral colors have when mixed with Titanium White, making this a  Learn More
Buff Titanium 150ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color
Our Price: $19.50
From  $19.50ex VAT$19.89inc VAT
When you buy our professional quality Original Oils, you get strong pigmentation and a uniform buttery consistency. Since we sell our paint directly to you, you also get a great deal. Choose from a palette of  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Complete Color Mixing 37ml 11-Tube Set
Our Price: $79.46
From  $79.46ex VAT$81.05inc VAT
This versatile palette of colors includes a warm and cool of each primary with additional colors to provide optimal mixing possibilities. Having a warm and cool of each primary helps the artist identify  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Complete Color Mixing 37ml 11-Tube Set
Our Price: $79.46
From  $79.46ex VAT$81.05inc VAT
This versatile palette of colors includes a warm and cool of each primary with additional colors to provide optimal mixing possibilities. Having a warm and cool of each primary helps the artist identify  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Original Oil 11-Tube Quinacridone Set
Our Price: $137.66
From  $137.66ex VAT$140.41inc VAT
Quinacridones combine the power of the staining pigments with the luminosity of the transparents. They flow beautifully for  Learn More
Our Price: $12.99
From  $12.99ex VAT$13.25inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH DS Sol is a less toxic variety of odorless mineral spirits - the harmful aromatic solvent component is completely removed, so no noxious smell, making it an excellent choice for use in a  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Oil & Alkyd Painting Medium
Our Price: $7.25-$59.95
From  $7.25ex VAT$7.40inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Painting Medium for Oils and Alkyds—Our low-odor alkyd-based medium is quick drying, non-yellowing and increases the transparency and flexibility of oil colors. It also reduces drying  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH 100% Pure Gum Turpentine
Our Price: $14.95-$34.29
From  $14.95ex VAT$15.25inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH 100% Pure Gum Turpentine, exceptionally light in color, is manufactured from carefully distilled pine tree resin. It does not contain the impurities found in industrial grades of turpentine  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Series 55 Ox Hair Brushes for Oil and Acrylic

Our Price: $5.59-$40.95
From  $5.59ex VAT$5.70inc VAT
Our ox hair brushes offer painters great versatility in brush stroke-from precision details to impasto work. They're made with the finest light ox hair, which comes from the ears of certain species of  Learn More
Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brushes

Our Price: $7.14-$61.17
From  $7.14ex VAT$7.28inc VAT
Catalyst Polytip Bristle brushes are another Princeton breakthrough that advances the science of synthetic hair. This new series is super stiff yet still extremely responsive. Unlike natural hog bristle,  Learn More
Princeton Catalyst Silicone Blades Style No.1
Price$13.99Save:$2.80 (20%)
Our Price: $11.19
From  $11.19ex VAT$11.41inc VAT
Not quite a brush. Not quite a palette knife. Catalyst tools are crafted from flexible silicone to allow artists a new form of expression. Catalyst Blades are mounted on artist brush handles offering a blend  Learn More
Silver Brush John Howard Sanden Portrait Professional 47 Piece Oil Set
Our Price: $614.37
From  $614.37ex VAT$626.66inc VAT
The choice of serious oil portraitists, the John Howard Sanden 47-piece set includes brushes from the Grand Prix, Silverstone and Renaissance collections. Master painter and founder of the National  Learn More
Silver Brush Daniel Greene Red Sable Detail & Blending Set
Our Price: $303.33
From  $303.33ex VAT$309.40inc VAT
Daniel E. Greene’s portraits can be found in more than 500 public and private collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution. These brushes expressly chosen by Green  Learn More
Silver Brush John Howard Sanden Red Sable Master 32 Piece Oil Set
Our Price: $560.61
From  $560.61ex VAT$571.82inc VAT
The second largest set recommended by National Portrait Seminar Founder John Howard Sanden gives you tools for limitless techniques. The Master Oil Set has round, bright and cats tongue brushes to create  Learn More
Princeton RealValue Bristle Round & Flat Brush Set

Our Price: $2.39
From  $2.39ex VAT$2.44inc VAT
Princeton RealValue Bristle Round & Flat Brush Set for acrylic, watercolor, oil and tempera. Made with natural bristle hair. This set includes: #3 Round, #4 Flat and #8 Flat.  Learn More
Princeton RealValue White Taklon Brush Set H

Our Price: $9.24
From  $9.24ex VAT$9.42inc VAT
Princeton RealValue White Taklon Brush Set for acrylic, oil and stain. Made with synthetic hair. This set includes: #6 Round, #8 Bright, #6 Filbert and #12  Learn More
Princeton RealValue Natural Bristle Brush Set
Price$15.41Save:$3.08 (20%)
Our Price: $12.33
From  $12.33ex VAT$12.58inc VAT
Princeton RealValue Natural Bristle Brush Set for acrylic, oil and stain. Made with natural bristle hair. This set includes: #2 Round, #6 Round, #6 Fan, #8 Filbert, #6 Angle, #10 Flat and #6 Bright.  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH 12 Full Pan Watercolor Travel Box, Empty

Our Price: $54.31
From  $54.31ex VAT$55.40inc VAT
Our 12 Full-Size Pan Empty Watercolor Travel Box can be filled with your choice of tube watercolors and is compatible with half pan watercolors from other manufactures, like W&N and Sennelier, so our Travel  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 238 Dot Try It Card
Our Price: $21.95
From  $21.95ex VAT$22.39inc VAT
Now you can try almost every color in our vast and innovative line! Provided on Watercolor Paper, our NEW 238-Watercolor Dot Chart includes the painting properties for every color with a paintable dot you can  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Natural Canvas Brush Carrier
Price$18.49Save:$3.70 (20%)
Our Price: $14.79
From  $14.79ex VAT$15.09inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Natural Canvas Brush Carrier with 70 pockets to hold brushes in all shapes and sizes. Some pockets are long enough to hold your longest handled brushes. It rolls up to protect brushes while  Learn More
Craftech Sienna Studio Palette
Our Price: $149.60
From  $149.60ex VAT$152.59inc VAT
The Sienna Studio Palette is the ultimate painters toolbox. Store all of your paints and brushes under the sliding top section. A 13 inch square tempered glass palette provides plenty of mixing space. Keep  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Paper Palettes

Our Price: $3.19-$5.51
From  $3.19ex VAT$3.25inc VAT
The Daniel Smith is a disposable palette with cardboard-backed pads of heavyweight translucent white paper specially treated to be impervious to oils, alkyds or  Learn More
Tri-Art Non-Stick Palette, rectangular, 16 in x 24 in
Price$41.62Save:$8.32 (20%)
Our Price: $33.30
From  $33.30ex VAT$33.97inc VAT
This reusable palette is an economical and environmental alternative to disposable, metal, wood, or plastic palettes. Acrylics will not adhere permanently to palette, therefore once the paint has dried on  Learn More
Richeson Stainless Steel 6-piece Italian Painting Knife Set

Our Price: $55.97
From  $55.97ex VAT$57.09inc VAT
Richeson Painting Knives are best suited for painting on canvas with oil and acrylic paints. Ideal for painting in the impasto technique or mixing and scraping paint. Richeson Painting Knives offer a wide  Learn More
Tempered Steel Offset Painting Knives
One Piece Tempered Steel For painting in the impasto technique or mixing and scraping paint, these steel, trowel-style blades are great. This line offers a selection of 36 different blade shapes. These  Learn More
Tempered Steel Palette Knives
One Piece Tempered Steel For painting in the impasto technique or mixing and scraping paint, these steel, trowel-style blades are great. This line offers a selection of 36 different blade shapes. These  Learn More
Ampersand Claybord, Flat 1/8" Panel

Our Price: $12.59-$14.52
From  $12.59ex VAT$12.84inc VAT
The ultimate multi-media panel. This ultra-smooth kaolin ground has a velvety-smooth finish that is very absorbent. Made with Ampersand's own True  Learn More
Ampersand Gessobord, 2" Deep Cradle

Our Price: $14.44-$20.74
From  $14.44ex VAT$14.73inc VAT
The #1 Panel for Oils & Acrylics! Gessobord comes ready to paint featuring a professional quality acid-free acrylic gesso ground that is lightly textured for good  Learn More
Jack Richeson Gessoed Hardboard, 2 in Cradled, 9 in x 12 in
Price$21.65Save:$4.33 (20%)
Our Price: $17.32
From  $17.32ex VAT$17.67inc VAT
A tempered, high-density hardboard panel made with a solid fiber core eliminates warping. Evenly coated with high quality artist gesso, it provides excellent adhesive qualities and a soft tooth finish.  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Deep Edge Pre-Stretched Canvas

Our Price: $8.63-$15.34
From  $8.63ex VAT$8.80inc VAT
Winsor & Newton Deep Edge Artists' Canvas is made of medium-grain 8oz. natural cotton duck, triple-coated with acid-free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented acrylic primer. Balanced absorbency  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Pre-Stretched Cotton Canvas

Our Price: $3.34-$15.35
From  $3.34ex VAT$3.41inc VAT
High-quality, ready to paint and sold in twin packs, Winsor & Newton Universal Artists’ Canvas is coated with acrylic primers to accept oil, acrylic and alkyds on a medium grain surface that creates a  Learn More
Fredrix Creative Edge Pre-Stretched Cotton Canvas
Price$74.71Save:$50.48 (68%)
Our Price: $6.13-$24.23
From  $6.13ex VAT$6.25inc VAT
Fredrix® Creative Edge 7 oz. Traditional Stretched Canvas has a clean, staple-free edge. You can paint on all four sides and hang it with or without a frame. Medium textured cotton duck canvas is  Learn More
Caravaggio Primed Italian Canvas Rolls
Our Price: $142.86-$1,195.92
From  $142.86ex VAT$145.72inc VAT
Europe's top acrylic primed canvas. Caravaggio cottons and linens have been milled in Verese, Italy for over 30  Learn More
Claessens Fine Linen Canvas #13 (oil-primed)

Our Price: $1,046.58
From  $1,046.58ex VAT$1,067.51inc VAT
Claessens' preprimed Belgian linen canvases are among the finest produced. After an initial inspection of the weave, the fabric is sheared to remove fluff, and vacuum cleaned. For oil-primed linen, this is  Learn More
Red Lion Polyflax Canvas
Price$127.07Save:$25.41 (20%)
Our Price: $101.66
From  $101.66ex VAT$103.69inc VAT
This polyester fabric was developed specifically as an artist canvas. It is substantially stronger and more dimensionally stable than cotton and linen canvas, and will not expand and contract with changes  Learn More
Richeson Aluminum Gallery Wrap Bars
Our Price: $4.33-$61.64
From  $4.33ex VAT$4.42inc VAT
Now available from Richeson: Aluminum gallery wrap stretcher bars! They're so beautiful they don't even need a canvas. These bars allow the artist to wrap canvas all the way around the bars and secure on the  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Professional Heavy-Duty Stretcher Bars
Our Price: $3.66-$42.50
From  $3.66ex VAT$3.73inc VAT
Offered in medium and heavy-duty grades, our stretchers are functional and sturdy. Made from kiln-dried wood, finger-jointed for strength, both grades have a full 1/2' rise to prevent sagging. The  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Lightweight Stretcher Bars
Price$5.81Save:$1.16 (20%)
Our Price: $0.55-$4.65
From  $0.55ex VAT$0.56inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Lightweight Stretcher Bars are manufactured from white pine. The rise of the canvas from the face of the bar is 1/16'. Extremely useful in small paintings, these bars can save you money and  Learn More
Richeson Rapid Canvas Stapler

Our Price: $56.85
From  $56.85ex VAT$57.99inc VAT
The Richeson Rapid Canvas Stapler is the perfect tool for those extra ambitious artists who enjoy stretching & prepping their own canvases. It's construction grade and will hold your art strong even under  Learn More
Richeson Rapid Staples

Our Price: $15.60
From  $15.60ex VAT$15.91inc VAT
5/16 inches (8mm) by 3/8 inches (10.6mm) 5000 count  Learn More
Professional Canvas Pliers
Price$29.44Save:$5.89 (20%)
Our Price: $23.55
From  $23.55ex VAT$24.02inc VAT
Professional Canvas Pliers -These lightweight, strong and durable pliers have a 4 3/4' wide jaw with rubberized inside grips to hold canvas firmly without marring the canvas  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH World's Best Acrylic Gesso
Our Price: $8.20-$82.50
From  $8.20ex VAT$8.36inc VAT
Daniel Smith Acrylic Gesso-Our gesso is heavily pigmented, thick and brushable. Use two coats to cover instead of three! When you paint with oils or acrylics, using high-quality materials to prepare your canvas  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Gesso, Transparent 4 oz
Our Price: $8.95
From  $8.95ex VAT$9.13inc VAT
Open up new possibilities! DANIEL SMITH Transparent Gesso lets the pattern of your substrate shine thorugh while giving you the pigment-holding surface and substrate protection a gesso provides.  Learn More
Liquitex Gessos
Price$23.81Save:$4.76 (20%)
Our Price: $8.63-$19.05
From  $8.63ex VAT$8.80inc VAT
Liquitex Gesso is a premium acrylic gesso used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint. Non-yellowing, flexible and non-cracking, provides the perfect 'tooth' and adhesion to a wide variety  Learn More
Color Foundation for the Painter: A Complete DVD Guide
Our Price: $99.00
From  $99.00ex VAT$100.98inc VAT
Stephen Quiller is an internationally known painter who is highly regarded for his research and implementation of color theory in his painting expression. He has written two best selling books on color,  Learn More
Ask The Experts - A PrimaTek Panel Discussion
Our Price: $64.10-$95.43
From  $64.10ex VAT$65.38inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH released Lapis Lazuli Genuine watercolor in 1998 and artists were introduced to PrimaTek® pigments. Since then, this line of natural mineral paint has grown to 38 colors and has  Learn More
Learning What to Leave Out of a Painting
Our Price: $9.56-$11.86
From  $9.56ex VAT$9.75inc VAT
Watercolorist Tom Hoffman teaches us what elements to focus on in a painting and which ones to leave out. Painting successfully from life or from photos is largely a process of deciding  Learn More
Packing to Paint: Scott Burdick Outlines Four Options for taking Art Materials on Your Travels
Price$18.65Save:$12.51 (67%)
Our Price: $6.14
From  $6.14ex VAT$6.26inc VAT
So you've gotten the trip of your dreams arranged to Tibet, Italy, or maybe just across the state; then comes the dilemma -- what kind of painting equipment to bring? I'm constantly asked this question, and  Learn More