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Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Cold Water Dye

Our Price: $3.28
From  $3.28ex VAT$3.35inc VAT
This cold water fiber reactive dye is the undisputed king of tie dye. Procion MX is also one of the most versatile dyes available. Use it for immersion dyeing, tie dye, batik, airbrush, garment dyeing,  Learn More
Jacquard iDye

Our Price: $2.51
From  $2.51ex VAT$2.56inc VAT
Get rich, vibrant color the easy way! Dyeing fabric has never been easier. iDye comes in a packet that dissolves in water - no handling of messy dye powders. You can use iDye for natural fabrics with a top  Learn More
Jacquard iDye Poly
Price$3.59Save:$1.08 (30%)
Our Price: $2.51
From  $2.51ex VAT$2.56inc VAT
Fashion enthusiasts take note: Jacquard's iDye Poly line brings their quarter-century of fabric art expertise to your synthetic fabric projects. Available in 8 vibrant colors, iDye Poly is a low-mess  Learn More
Jacquard Gutta Resist, 4oz

Our Price: $4.61-$8.39
From  $4.61ex VAT$4.70inc VAT
Resist is used to draw the outline of an image on silk. Used with liquid dyes, Jacquard's Gutta stops the flow of dye at the resist lines. Gutta Resist is made from natural Gutta Percha which produces the  Learn More
Jacquard Non-Permanent Water Base Resist, Clear, 2.25oz

Our Price: $2.93
From  $2.93ex VAT$2.99inc VAT
Jacquard has developed a superior water-based resist that washes out easily with warm water, even after steaming. It holds a crisp line without spreading and does not shrink or pucker when dry. This  Learn More
Jacquard Airfix, 250ml

Our Price: $21.53
From  $21.53ex VAT$21.96inc VAT
Jacquard Airfix is an additive for Jacquard Textile colors, Neopaque, and Dye-Na-Flow and most other acrylic fabric paints. Use it as a catalyst to fix colors when heat setting is not  Learn More
Jacquard Sodium Alginate SH for cellulose fibers, 8oz

Our Price: $14.62
From  $14.62ex VAT$14.91inc VAT
Sodium Alginate is a seaweed derivative used to thicken dye for screen printing, painting, or to control spreading. Jacquard's Sodium Alginate SH is used primarily for cotton and other cellulose fibers. It may  Learn More
Jacquard Sodium Alginate F for protein fibers, 8oz
Price$13.88Save:$4.16 (30%)
Our Price: $9.72
From  $9.72ex VAT$9.91inc VAT
Do your dyed silks lack perfect definition? Jacquard's Sodium Alginate F is a seaweed derivative used to thicken dye for screen printing, painting, or to control spreading and is specifically formulated for use  Learn More