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Handmade Card Project

Our Price: $8.99
From  $8.99ex VAT$9.17inc VAT
Make your holiday cards unique with a shimmery, 3-D star! Follow these step-by-step instructions for a fun Holiday printing  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Walnut Drawing Ink 2oz
Our Price: $6.99
From  $6.99ex VAT$7.13inc VAT
A finely pigmented rich sepia colored water-based ink. It's great for all kinds of drawings and works well with a brush or dip pen. In washes, DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink handles like a watercolor, with good  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Baltic Birch Relief Woodblocks
Price$20.99Save:$19.39 (92%)
Our Price: $0.69-$1.60
From  $0.69ex VAT$0.70inc VAT
Perfect for the Artist on a budget! Each wood block has fine-grained, smooth-sanded sides with a veneer core. Sizes may vary by a saw-blades width from those listed and edges may be slightly  Learn More
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DANIEL SMITH 12-Tube Quinacridone Watercolor Set
Our Price: $94.48
From  $94.48ex VAT$96.37inc VAT
The quinacridone color range - rich golds, oranges, pinks, reds and violets - covers a wide swath of the spectrum. Many artists have substituted the fantastic earthy golds and oranges for traditional ochres  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor PrimaTek 'Nature's Best' 9 Tube Set
Our Price: $85.56
From  $85.56ex VAT$87.27inc VAT
Certain colors have captured the imagination of artists for hundreds or even thousands of years. Our exclusive PrimaTek® colors are made with pigments mined directly from the earth. Their diversity is  Learn More
Daniel Smith Watercolor Station by BEST
Price$1,043.37Save:$248.37 (24%)
Our Price: $795.00
From  $795.00ex VAT$810.90inc VAT
The Watercolor Station you've been waiting for! The DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Station is handmade in the USA by craftsmen at BEST Artist Products. Designed especially for working flat, it has two top panels,  Learn More
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Caravaggio Primed Italian Canvas Rolls
Our Price: $142.86-$1,195.92
From  $142.86ex VAT$145.72inc VAT
Europe's top acrylic primed canvas. Caravaggio cottons and linens have been milled in Verese, Italy for over 30  Learn More
BEST European Easel
Our Price: $757.13
From  $757.13ex VAT$772.27inc VAT
Solid! Strong! Versatile! The European Easel by BEST is exquisitely constructed and supremely practical, adds to the pleasure of creating artwork and accommodates your changing needs. It adjusts quickly  Learn More
BEST University Easel
Our Price: $610.36
From  $610.36ex VAT$622.57inc VAT
designed for both the oil painter and the pastelist. This wonderful easels tilts forward for the pastelist and back for the oil painter. The deluxe painting tray features a tool shelf and rubber cleats to keep  Learn More
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Caravaggio Primed Italian Canvas Rolls
Our Price: $142.86-$1,195.92
From  $142.86ex VAT$145.72inc VAT
Europe's top acrylic primed canvas. Caravaggio cottons and linens have been milled in Verese, Italy for over 30  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Complete Color Mixing 37ml 11-Tube Set
Our Price: $79.46
From  $79.46ex VAT$81.05inc VAT
This versatile palette of colors includes a warm and cool of each primary with additional colors to provide optimal mixing possibilities. Having a warm and cool of each primary helps the artist identify  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Color Suitcase Set
Price$149.99Save:$45.00 (30%)
Our Price: $104.99
From  $104.99ex VAT$107.09inc VAT
Ready for that next trip! You will be with this fantastic Winsor & Newton Professional Suitcase Set. Packaged in a wooden box with that well-travelled look, protective corners, and handle.  Learn More
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Sennelier Oil Pastel, Wood Box Set of 120 Colors
Our Price: $314.74
From  $314.74ex VAT$321.03inc VAT
Picasso himself chose the first 48 original colors, including eight distinct grays. Metallic and iridescent colors were added in the 1980s. Sennelier again expanded its colors in 2003, and this luxury wood box  Learn More
Sennelier Soft Pastel, Wood Box Set of 250 Colors
Our Price: $897.50
From  $897.50ex VAT$915.45inc VAT
Made by hand since 1900, Sennelier extra-fine soft pastels are an artist's dream. They are water soluble and have an have  Learn More
Sennelier Soft Pastels 48-color Landscape Set
Our Price: $221.21
From  $221.21ex VAT$225.63inc VAT
Sennelier Soft Pastels 48-color Landscape Set Handmade with brilliant, lightfast pigments combined with natural binders. They contain no fillers, no clay and are air-dried to an extremely smooth,  Learn More
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Dog Manikin

Our Price: $10.49
From  $10.49ex VAT$10.70inc VAT
These manikins make perfect pets. No more early morning walks, no mess and no extra attention. The simple shapes with articulated body parts allow the artist to appreciate fundamentals of drawing. They may  Learn More
Alvin Blue Hills Studio 3-Shelf Mobile Carts
Our Price: $39.95
From  $39.95ex VAT$40.75inc VAT
Alvin & Company has been a leading source of drafting and drawing supplies since 1950, and continues to meet the needs of its customers with value innovation. This mobile cart is available in  Learn More
Sakura Pigma Micron Ink Pens, 6pc Set, colors
Price$14.59Save:$4.38 (30%)
Our Price: $10.21
From  $10.21ex VAT$10.41inc VAT
The Pigma Micron is a long-lasting marker pen (non-refillable) with a hard fiber point suitable for writing or drawing. The pigmented ink in these pens is permanent, lightfast, waterproof and  Learn More