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Rives BFK White Sheet, 250gsm, 22 in x 30 in, 100 Sheet Pack
Our Price: $375.00
From  $375.00ex VAT$382.50inc VAT
BFK works well for printmaking, monoprinting and drawing. Made in France at the Arches mill, it is 100% cotton, acid-free and buffered, with 4 deckle  Learn More
Our Price: $12.99
From  $12.99ex VAT$13.25inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH DS Sol is a less toxic variety of odorless mineral spirits - the harmful aromatic solvent component is completely removed, so no noxious smell, making it an excellent choice for use in a  Learn More
Charbonnel Etching Inks - 60ml Tubes

Our Price: $9.25-$9.95
From  $9.25ex VAT$9.44inc VAT
In 1862 Francois Charbonnell, practicing chemist, started up a business manufacturing 'inks and grounds for artistic printing' in premises located  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Lithographic Inks
Price$42.63Save:$12.38 (29%)
Our Price: $30.25
From  $30.25ex VAT$30.86inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Lithographic Inks are the finest available. We modified the grind and viscosity of each color to obtain optimal printability - you'll especially love their tackiness and substantial  Learn More
Etcher's Copper Plates

Our Price: $12.95-$103.67
From  $12.95ex VAT$13.21inc VAT
18 Gauge Copper Plates - Polished and industrial finish. Plates are sold  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH 1/4inWool/Polyester Forming Blanket, 24in x 48in

Our Price: $36.65
From  $36.65ex VAT$37.38inc VAT
When printing etchings, three felts are generally used. Closest to the paper, a thin absorbent felt called the Sizing Catcher. Next, the Forming Blanket, the thickest of the felts, acts as a cushion to cast  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Lump Rosin, 1lb Package
Our Price: $11.85
From  $11.85ex VAT$12.09inc VAT
Filtered to remove impurities, our lump rosin reaches a consistent melting point. Use in an aquatint box or pulverize it for dispersal through a silk or cotton  Learn More
Etcher's Copper Plates

Our Price: $12.95-$103.67
From  $12.95ex VAT$13.21inc VAT
18 Gauge Copper Plates - Polished and industrial finish. Plates are sold  Learn More
Battleship Gray Linoleum, Full Roll
Our Price: $1,299.99
From  $1,299.99ex VAT$1,325.99inc VAT
Made from a blend of linseed oil and cork powder. Our linoleum is a light gray color and is 1/8' thick with a heavy burlap backing. Warm it in the sun or with a warm iron over an ironing cloth for easier  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Oil Relief Inks - 150 ml Tubes
Our Price: $9.57-$15.62
From  $9.57ex VAT$9.76inc VAT
Daniel Smith relief inks are professional quality oil-based inks for woodblock, linoleum and intaglio relief printing. They are smooth and creamy, yielding crisp prints with a press or by hand. To reduce  Learn More
Richeson Maestro Easel
Our Price: $427.63
From  $427.63ex VAT$436.18inc VAT
The Maestro is a tubular steel studio easel with clean, functional styling and excellent stability. Its weight and durability make it perfect for heavy use. The optional side shelf accessory (sold  Learn More
SMI Melamine Flat File, 5-Drawers, 30 in x 42 in, Black Trim
Our Price: $702.00
From  $702.00ex VAT$716.04inc VAT
White Melamine Flat File 5-Drawers for 30 in x 42 in files with Black Trim. Melamine Flat Files are made with thermally fused white melamine that resists water and solvents to ensure durability. They are  Learn More
Logan 660 Framer's Edge Mat Cutter
Our Price: $629.00
From  $629.00ex VAT$641.58inc VAT
The Logan 660 Framer's Edge Mat Cutter includes a fully scaled squaring angle that holds mats perfectly square, with a stop which makes sizing boards quick and precise. The Teflon-coated cutting bar grips  Learn More
Paint and Picnic with Laura
Supplies required for Paint and Picnic with Laura Jannika 1 DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 238 Dot Try It Card 1 Rapidograph Technical Pen, Size 0 (.35mm) 1  Learn More
University of Delaware V Bradley Painting 1 Supply List
The following Supplies are required for the University of Delaware V Bradley Painting 1 Class: 1 Princeton RealValue Set, Round, Flat, Filbert, Bright 1 Princeton Better Bristle Gesso  Learn More
Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling: Watercolors A’ la Carte  List
Colors! Colors! Colors!   The Daniel Smith Color Masters, Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling share many of their favorite watercolors in their books, newsletters, international workshops  Learn More
Academy of Botanical Art Supply List: Watercolor I
The Watercolor I Objective is to learn the three “P’s” of beginning watercolor: (1) Paints, (2) Paper, (3) Process. This course will introduce the techniques of paint application and the  Learn More
Academy of Botanical Art Supply List: Watercolor II
The Watercolor II Objective is to develop our watercolor skills in the areas of form and detail. As detail is the hallmark of a botanical painting, we concern ourselves with not only the form that a petal may  Learn More
Academy of Botanical Art Supply List: Watercolor III
The Watercolor III Objective is to learn how to refine your drawings for watercolor with the aid of color, value and key element studies. Often drawings do not translate well into color because of composition  Learn More