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Rising Stonehenge Paper

Our Price: $1.51-$2.98
From  $1.51ex VAT$1.54inc VAT
Stonehenge is a 100% cotton, acid-free paper used for all types of printmaking as well as for drawing and painting. It can withstand a high embossment without tearing or creasing.  Learn More
Canson Newsprint, 30lb Smooth, 24" x 36", 500 Sheets

Our Price: $22.84
From  $22.84ex VAT$23.30inc VAT
Newsprint Smooth is common newsprint, used for sketching and for proofing lithographs or silkscreen prints. Newsprint discolors rapidly and should not be used for permanent fine art applications. Oversize  Learn More
Drawing & Framing/Barrier Sheet, White, 250gsm, 20" x 30"
Price$1.80Save:$0.54 (30%)
Our Price: $1.26
From  $1.26ex VAT$1.29inc VAT
Machine-made in the U.S., this paper is 100% cotton, acid-free and buffered. Use it for all drawing media, with watermedia, and as a barrier sheet for framing large pieces of art.  Learn More
Lyra-Orlow Graphite Stick Holder

Our Price: $14.84
From  $14.84ex VAT$15.14inc VAT
Graphite Stick Holder For use with the Lyra-Orlow Graphite  Learn More
Alvin Constant Drawing Leads, 2mm, 6H, 3-pack

Our Price: $2.56
From  $2.56ex VAT$2.61inc VAT
Top-grade imported 2 mm. refill drawing leads, superior quality and strength. Uniform texture and time-tested under rigid standards. Can be used with any standard lead holder.  Learn More
Alvin Constant Drawing Leads, 2mm, 2H, 3-pack
Price$3.65Save:$1.09 (30%)
Our Price: $2.56
From  $2.56ex VAT$2.61inc VAT
Top-grade imported 2mm refill drawing leads, superior in both quality and  Learn More
Yarka Sanguine & Sepia Monchromatic Crayons, 20 Sticks in Wood Box

Our Price: $9.95
From  $9.95ex VAT$10.15inc VAT
Yarka Sanguine and Sepia are made from high-grade pigments and Chasov Yar clay. These water-soluble, monochromatic crayons are great for drawing on paper or  Learn More
P. H. Coate Willow Vine Charcoal, Medium (5-6mm), Box of 25

Our Price: $5.05
From  $5.05ex VAT$5.15inc VAT
These fine quality sticks of willow charcoal produce the rich blacks and soft grays artists love for creating tonal areas and linear work. They are grown and harvested from willow beds in the wetlands of  Learn More
Grumbacher Willow Charcoal Thick, 4pk
Price$7.71Save:$2.31 (30%)
Our Price: $5.40
From  $5.40ex VAT$5.51inc VAT
Grumbacher's Willow Charcoal sticks are cooked to a uniform medium  Learn More
Conte Crayons, Sanguine Medicis (Brown), 2-pack

Our Price: $2.66
From  $2.66ex VAT$2.71inc VAT
Conte Crayons are the classic tools for sketching and drawing. They're made with rich, vibrant pigments by one of France's best manufacturers of art  Learn More
Conte Crayons, Grey, 2-pack

Our Price: $2.66
From  $2.66ex VAT$2.71inc VAT
Conte Crayons are the classic tools for sketching and drawing. They're made with rich, vibrant pigments by one of France's best manufacturers of art  Learn More
Conte Crayons, HB Black, 2-pack
Price$3.80Save:$1.14 (30%)
Our Price: $2.66
From  $2.66ex VAT$2.71inc VAT
Conte Crayons are the classic tools for sketching and drawing. They're made with rich, vibrant pigments by one of France's best manufacturers of art  Learn More
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Sensu Artist Brush for Touchscreen Devices

Our Price: $27.99
From  $27.99ex VAT$28.55inc VAT
Sensu was developed out of a desire to have an authentic brush to use with drawing and painting apps on iPhone and iPad. Of course, Sensu works well on other capacitive screens as well. The makers of Sensu  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Walnut Drawing Ink 2oz
Our Price: $6.99
From  $6.99ex VAT$7.13inc VAT
A finely pigmented rich sepia colored water-based ink. It's great for all kinds of drawings and works well with a brush or dip pen. In washes, DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink handles like a watercolor, with good  Learn More
Sensu Artist Brush for Touchscreen Devices
Price$39.99Save:$12.00 (30%)
Our Price: $27.99
From  $27.99ex VAT$28.55inc VAT
The Sensu Brush is the ultimate tool for digital artists. It delivers an authentic painting experience on your tablet or smartphone. The Sensu portable artist brush & stylus works great for  Learn More
COPIC 72-Color Sketch Marker Set

Our Price: $280.78
From  $280.78ex VAT$286.40inc VAT
Since the vibrant ink is specially formulated not to dissolve toner, you can work directly on photocopies. Broad and pointed polyester nibs are strong and flexible, allowing a variety of strokes from a single  Learn More
Krylon Leafing Pen, Copper

Our Price: $5.67
From  $5.67ex VAT$5.78inc VAT
Krylon Leafing Pen, Copper Get the look of Copper Leaf with the ease of a pen!  This Krylon, smooth flowing paint pen is a creative favorite for high-quality, metallic accents on  Learn More
Pentouch Medium Marker Silver
Price$3.25Save:$0.97 (30%)
Our Price: $2.28
From  $2.28ex VAT$2.33inc VAT
Paint marker delivers a shiny bright lay down on light-colored materials. Writes on glass, wood, porcelain, plastic, paper and metal. Ideal for invitations, cards or custom stationery. Ink flows from the chamber  Learn More
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Richeson Artists' Tote Clipboards

Our Price: $6.02-$10.47
From  $6.02ex VAT$6.14inc VAT
These heavy-duty drawing boards are just what every student needs. Designed for use in the studio or when painting plein air. They can be easily carried by the convenient cut out  Learn More
KUM Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener with Lead Pointer

Our Price: $5.31
From  $5.31ex VAT$5.42inc VAT
The famous KUM Automatic Sharpener sharpens pencils to an extra-long point in two stages. One hole is used to shape the wood, the second shapes the lead. An automatic brake prevents oversharpening. Flip-top  Learn More
Dog Manikin
Price$14.99Save:$4.50 (30%)
Our Price: $10.49
From  $10.49ex VAT$10.70inc VAT
These manikins make perfect pets. No more early morning walks, no mess and no extra attention. The simple shapes with articulated body parts allow the artist to appreciate fundamentals of drawing. They may  Learn More
Masking Tape, 1/2 in x 60 yds

Our Price: $1.60
From  $1.60ex VAT$1.63inc VAT
Has a crepe paper backing and is engineered for good adhesion. High Tack. Great  Learn More
3M Black Duct Tape

Our Price: $8.39
From  $8.39ex VAT$8.56inc VAT
Industrial strength Black Duct Tape that is abrasion and moisture resistant. The tape consists of polyethylene film over a dense cloth scrim with a strong runbber adhesive. 1.88in x  Learn More
3M Blue Painter's Tape
Price$9.21Save:$2.76 (30%)
Our Price: $4.54-$6.45
From  $4.54ex VAT$4.63inc VAT
Great for a Variety of Surfaces Suitable for indoor or outdoor painting, ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface painter's tape delivers sharp paint lines and can be used on a variety of textured surfaces,  Learn More
Graphite with a New Look

Our Price: $8.95
From  $8.95ex VAT$9.13inc VAT
Rock Newcomb Explores Graphite On Claybord for a New Look During the past decade, I have worked with many mediums and surfaces (supports). Claybord Smooth™ is the one  Learn More
Wax-Based Colored Pencils

Our Price: $0.80-$8.89
From  $0.80ex VAT$0.82inc VAT
Working bigger, bolder, faster with Wax-based Colored Pencils - A Demonstration by Vera Curnow Control is the operative word for colored pencils. Clean, cheap, and portable, there are  Learn More
Colored Pencil and Ambient Texture
Price$8.28Save:$2.48 (30%)
Our Price: $5.80
From  $5.80ex VAT$5.92inc VAT
Bet Borgeson Enlivens the Mood of her Art with Colored Pencil and Ambient Texture Drawing and painting offer many chances for textural effects besides those that are drawn to represent  Learn More