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Daylight Slimline Magnifying Lamp

Our Price: $132.79
From  $132.79ex VAT$135.45inc VAT
The Daylight Slimline Magnifier Lamp is ideal for detailed work. The bright 22-watt low-heat, flicker-free Daylight tube (100-watt equivalent) is housed in a slimline head mounted on an adjustable  Learn More
Daylight Slimline Chrome Table Lamp

Our Price: $117.58
From  $117.58ex VAT$119.93inc VAT
The Daylight™ Slimline Table Lamp looks great in any room. This slim, elegant brushed chrome desk lamp is designed to be ergonomically positioned above the hands and below eye level so there are  Learn More
Daylight Clip-on Studio Lamp and Stand
Price$134.00Save:$26.80 (20%)
Our Price: $107.20
From  $107.20ex VAT$109.34inc VAT
The Daylight™ Clip-on Studio Lamp and Stand is designed for artists, restorers and photographers working with medium to extra-large paintings, interior wall sections or other large objects. The  Learn More
Daylight Carry Bag

Our Price: $17.59
From  $17.59ex VAT$17.94inc VAT
This quality padded bag is perfectly designed for the protection and care of your Daylight brand compact art lamps when taking projects on the  Learn More
Daylight 20 watt Replacement Bulb for Clip On Studio Lamp

Our Price: $18.40
From  $18.40ex VAT$18.77inc VAT
20 watt replacement bulb for the Daylight Clip On Studio  Learn More
Daylight Simple Neck Magnifier - Black
Price$11.99Save:$2.40 (20%)
Our Price: $9.59
From  $9.59ex VAT$9.78inc VAT
The Daylight Simple Neck Magnifier is one of the products from the StarMag™ range. This is a hands-free magnifier with cord and is for crafting, sewing or reading. Hands-free  Learn More