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Quinacridone Magenta (PR 122) 60ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic

Price: $7.89
From  $7.89ex VAT$8.05inc VAT
Quinacridone Magenta is a vibrant color for painters who love pinks that pop! Quinacridone pigments are celebrated for their gem-like transparency and radiance in tints. You’ll mix the brightest pink on  Learn More
Titanium White (PW 6) 60ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic

Price: $5.49
From  $5.49ex VAT$5.60inc VAT
Titanium White, often considered the standard white for painters, is a must-have on any palette. Use this strong, opaque white to tint the paints on your palette—adding Titanium white instantly lightens and  Learn More
Yellow Ochre (PY 43) 60ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic
MSRP:$9.15Save:$3.66 (40%)
Price: $5.49
From  $5.49ex VAT$5.60inc VAT
Yellow Ochre is a warm tan earth tone that has remained popular from prehistoric to modern times. This pigment is derived from natural clay sources and is milled to produce a smooth and even consistency in  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Water-Soluble Printmaking Inks

Price: $11.28-$13.59
From  $11.28ex VAT$11.51inc VAT
We developed our professional quality inks to produce great results with relief, intaglio and monotype printmaking. Our watersulble formula is oil-based, has no toxic solvents and allows cleanup with soap and  Learn More

Price: $16.50-$17.44
From  $16.50ex VAT$16.83inc VAT
Our top quality etching inks were the first items offered by Daniel Smith. All of our inks are made with artists' pigments, like those found in professional quality oils, acrylics and watercolors. They contain  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Carborundum Grits (Silicon Carbide), #220 (price per pound)
Price: $9.95
From  $9.95ex VAT$10.15inc VAT
Daniel Smith Carborundum Grit (Silicon Carbide) #220 Through direct purchasing from the plant that produces these abrasives, we are able to offer you substantial savings. For quotes on drum prices, please  Learn More